What happened on The Young and the Restless this week? (Feb. 5-9): Jack comes clean to Victor

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Earlier this week on The Young and the Restless – Victor learned that Jordan's whereabouts after the fire were unconfirmed. Devon reminded Nate that Audra was dangerous, and Nikki could not stop herself from drinking.

The Young and the Restless week in review:

  • Monday, Feb. 5: Ashley told Traci she needed to speak to a friend in Paris, France. Chelsea was pleasantly surprised by Adam's decision. Devon advised Nate to stay away from Audra. Billy reinforced his place at Chancellor-Winters.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 6: Victor told Victoria and Nick that Jordan is not believed to have survived the fire. Cole and Victoria relayed the news to Claire. Nikki went to a bar, and Victor followed. Abby asked Tessa to help manage Society. Jack asked Lauren to become Nikki's right hand at Newman Media, and Nick supported Adam's decision about Connor.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 7: Jack told Victor he was Nikki's sponsor at Newman Enterprises. Nikki appeared to receive another call from Jordan. Traci told Tucker to back off Ashley, and Danny expressed his concerns to Christine and Phyllis.
  • Thursday, Feb. 8: Daniel and Devon's agreement about Lily was tested. Phyllis made another play for Danny. Victor grudgingly agreed to Jack being Nikki's sponsor.
  • Friday, Feb. 9: Ashley can't get past her version of the events in France. Diane faced mixed feelings about Jack's tie to Nikki. Mamie and Nate discussed their hoped for future at Chancellor-Winters.

Tensions rising between old and new couples

Ashley told Traci she would not give up on Monday, Feb. 5. It feels as though the writing staff could be in the home stretch. Some definitive answer to Tucker's version of events is needed to wrap up this storyline.

Chelsea invoked Sally's name, recognizing the positive effect on Adam. Just as viewers recognize Adam's maturity, they also see Nate remains vulnerable to veering off-course. In this instance, Devon's questioning of his cousin was not condescending, as Nate's initial bristle implied. Instead, Sean Dominic's character knows the draw to Audra represents trouble he needs to avoid. Concurrently, Nate's recognition of Devon freezing Billy out of their meeting with Sharon highlights the potential for fireworks at Chancellor-Winters.

A lot was packed into Tuesday, Feb. 6's episode. So, let's unpack the soapy plot points, starting with the connected scenes about Jordan.

Like the Newman family, devoted fans are unwilling to believe Jordan is dead. Everyone needs to see a body. Instead of that, Colleen Zenk's enigmatic villain seems sure to return. So, are the constant calls Nikki is receiving from Jordan? If so, belief must be suspended because how would Jordan get Nikki's personal phone number and get past Newman Media's secretary?

Claire is the most likely person to be able to outwit her great-aunt. To do so, she will need to be written into a position that affords Hayley Erin's character the ability to deal with Jordan once and for all, possibly in the same permanent manner that Sharon handled Cameron. Doing so would endear her to Newman family holdouts, like Victor, and allow Nikki to regain the mental stability she's lost. Meanwhile, has anyone mentioned that Adam was dead right about Jordan's threat persisting?

Jack serving as Newman Media's third-party temp service is odd. Lauren quickly agreeing to allow Fenmore's to be run by her staff seems ill-advised. But Melody Thomas Scott's character is in desperate need of help. Viewers appear to be witnessing the start of a new storyline for Tessa that goes beyond occasional appearances at Abby's restaurant.

Victor did not like Jack's news on Wednesday, Feb 7. However, the Mustache realized the seriousness of Nikki's predicament. Seeing these longtime nemeses teaming up to help Nikki is heartening.

Using the word 'appears' is correct because Nikki and the viewers assume Jordan is making the phone calls to her. A massive twist would have Claire as the caller, but that would imply a storyline where she has a split personality. Jordan likely survived the fire and tormented Nikki if this plot builds to a traditional villain versus hero climax.

Considering the fragile state of Eileen Davidson's character, would the ever-thoughtful Traci leave Ashley in Paris, France? So, with this tale stretching further into the cold Wisconsin winter. Meanwhile, Audra caught an initial glimpse of Tucker, possibly proving he was done with Ashley.

It is nice to have Danny not quickly couple with Cricket, as it seemed almost inevitable. Inserting Phyllis back into this legacy daytime mix is realistic because of the dialogue Michael Damian's character offered. He wants to be friends with the mother of his son and pursue renewed romance with his true love. That makes sense and reflects Danny's maturity.

Devon offers another opinion about how other people should live their lives on Thursday, Feb. 8. Devoted viewers recall he and Abby were caught in a fully compromising position not long ago. Amanda, who is teased to be soon seen again in Genoa City, Wisconsin, and Chance were devastated to learn their assumed loved ones cheated on them. Months later, Devon is chiding Daniel about Lily and Heather with hypocrisy in the air.

Phyllis has convinced herself that Danny wants her. While he is physically attracted to her, the difference in the look on his face when he sees Christine says it all. Also, as expected, Nikki lashes out at Jack. But thankfully, she sobered up and made Victor take her to the Abbott mansion, where that couple is rarely seen together.

It was curtains for Ashley once Traci determined that Tucker was not lying on Friday, Feb. 9. But the estranged Mrs. Abbott McCall is fighting what might be the recurrence of mental stability issues. Devoted fans recall that Ashley faced these issues in daytime days gone by.

As endorsed by Victor, Jack's commitment to helping Nikki will challenge Diane, who has been tolerant of her husband's desire to help. In contrast, various sharp elbows exist at Chancellor-Winters, where multiple personality clashes create plenty of dramatic opportunities.


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