Why Bold and the Beautiful isn't on March 21-22 and when a new episode will air

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We've been left with a short week for The Bold and the Beautiful since Wednesday, March 20 has wrapped up what we get to see of the soap for the rest of the week. Thursday, March 21 and Friday, March 22 are going to be devoted to March Madness. Yes, the time of the year where the NCAA College Basketball Championship takes over CBS' programming slate and a good portion of our favorite shows are taken off air.

This, of course, means we won't be seeing what happens next on our beloved soap until Monday, March 25. As of writing, the spoilers for next week aren't available yet (I'll post them when they are), but thanks to the preview that aired after the episode, I can share a few plot points to expect.

What happens next week on Bold and the Beautiful?

Steffy isn't done making sure her brother, Thomas, decides to move on from Hope. She goes to see him at his house where she tells him that he doesn't deserve what he's going through. Thomas is still reeling from being rejected by Hope. While his lady love thinks she only rejected his proposal, it isn't that simple. She got into a relationship with a man she knew wanted to marry her, and she was wearing his ring. Granted it was on a necklace but the implication was that her heart was open to making that commitment at some point. She said she's not ready but there's no timetable for when she will be so Steffy doesn't trust her.

Hope isn't as confident in her ability to sway Thomas to seeing things her way as she gave off to Steffy because the preview showed her in a panic at Forrester Creations. She was telling Ridge and her mom, Brooke, that Steffy is determined to drive a wedge between her and Thomas, and she won't stand for it. But the reason Steffy is working against her is because she believes Hope is stringing him along and though Hope has said she loves him and that no one is going to get between them and the family they've created with their children, Douglas and Beth, that's not enough proof for his sister.

Why? Well, this is the second time Hope has said no to marrying Thomas. If he's her best friend, they make each other happy, and they have a family together then Steffy doesn't see what the hold up is. Hope said she just got out of a marriage and isn't in a rush to walk down the aisle again but without giving any sign of when she might be ready there's no security there for Thomas. She could play house and then pull the rug out from under him when she's ready to move on. That's Steffy's fear so she's prioritizing her brother since Hope won't.

Their stand-off over this will come to a head in the Forrester salon. Now, I, too, have been rolling my eyes over the idea that Hope's rejection of the proposal means she's gone full tilt Logan and is just like her mother but that's Steffy's argument and she's sticking to it. She's also going to be saying quite a bit about Brooke nearly coming between the men in Steffy's family which is going to lead Hope to attempt, and I do mean attempt, to slap Steffy. But my girl, my forever fave, is going to catch her hand with a quickness before Hope can even dare strike her.

I can't wait to see all of this go down on the soap. Catch y'all in my next Bold and the Beautiful post. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote!

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