Why Max is the must-have streamer for the best movies in 2024

At Hidden Remote, we believe it's all about quality over quantity, which is why HBO's streaming platform Max is our favorite streamer! Here's why you need to subscribe if you haven't already.
PHOTO by: Marion Curtis / StarPix for HBO/MAX
PHOTO by: Marion Curtis / StarPix for HBO/MAX /

The world of entertainment these days offers a seemingly endless amount of content to watch. No matter where you look, there are new shows and movies available. But that's also the problem, there are too many platforms. It's almost impossible to keep up with it all. One streamer that has never let us down, though, is HBO's service, Max (formerly known as HBO Max).

It's no secret that Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms in the game. It offers countless of movies and shows, including original content. And then we have Hulu, featuring plenty of originals themselves, as well as some of our favorite movies and broadcast shows. However, make no mistake! Here at Hidden Remote, we believe it's all about quality and not quantity. That said, Max is king of the game.

From the action-packed DCEU series Peacemaker to the comedy The Other Two, Max has something for everyone. And if you love true crime, Max is the best place to find your new favorite crime-drama. But, in this post, we are focusing on the movies available to stream on Max and why it's a must-have in the year 2024.

Let Netflix and Hulu have all the TV and movies they want! Because the biggest movie features are all streaming on Max! For starters, Max is streaming Greta Gerwig's Barbie...enough said! All of the movie's bonus features are also available. The best from Warner Bros. will go to Max after leaving the big screen.

It's not easy being a DCEU these days, but that's a rant for another day! If you love the movies and want to rewatch any of them, Max is the place to look as it is home to every DC release from Man of Steel to the most recent release, Blue Beetle. Fan of horror? Enjoy movies from the Insidious franchise and The Conjuring film series, among other horror favorites. And there is so much more to come!

There is no official release date for the following titles, but here are some movies expected to stream on Max in 2024: Dune: Part Two, Challengers, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, Beetlejuice, and Wonka (currently playing in theaters). Earlier this month, Warner Bros. Discovery locked in a deal with A24, a move that will bring over 100 A24-produced movies to Max. This includes highly acclaimed pictures such as Uncut Gems, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and others. Want a movie night every weekend? Get Max!

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