Why we never got a Coraline 2

A sequel to Coraline is not happening, and the reason why is rather silly.
Coraline - Courtesy Fathom Events
Coraline - Courtesy Fathom Events /

The movie Coraline is one of the most underrated stop-motion classics. Only its cult following appreciates the movie for its originality and clever storytelling. That said, it's also the loyal fans who have been asking for a sequel for over a decade. Sadly, Coraline 2 is never going to happen, and the reason why we'll never get a sequel is very silly.

If you have yet to watch Coraline, the movie follows a young girl named Coraline (voiced by Dakota Fanning) who discovers there is a secret door in her new home. But this is no ordinary door. It's not a secret closet behind the pantry or a playhouse for kids under the stairs. This door leads Coraline into an alternate world that is very similar to her own, but the huge difference is that this world is better. Problems begin, however, when Coraline's parallel family try to keep her forever. It's a race against time for Coraline to find her way back to her family.

Now, the movie is rated PG, but I'd like to argue that it should be closer to a PG-13 rating. When I first watched the movie in my late teens, I found it very creepy. And now as a mom, I don't think a young child should watch it! Coraline is rated PG for some language, suggestive humor, scary images, and thematic elements. For those who have not seen it, I should add that the movie is pretty depressing.

A Coraline sequel is not happening, here's why

Travis Knight, the president and CEO of Laika (the company behind Coraline, ParaNorman, and other projects) ruled out a sequel. Knight firmly stated that no Laika projects will be getting a sequel, and this includes Coraline 2. The reason? Knight does not like sequels. Instead of adding another sequel, remake, or reboot, to the growing library of movies, Knight prefers to produce fresh ideas. Here's what he told the source in the 2016 interview:

""I take a firm stand against sequels. My industry brethren are a little shocked at how firmly I’m committed to not doing sequels... There are these serials, these continuing stories that are a regurgitation of the same things we’ve seen over and over again. And I have no interest in doing that.""

Travis Knight

I have to say, there's no denying that Knight's choice is admirable. After all, Hollywood does produce far too many sequels, reboots, and the like. As a movie fan, I appreciate new ideas and stories a lot more. Still, not all sequels are bad! I think Coraline 2 would have told fans a great story.