Wonka and 7 other movies to watch in theaters and streaming this weekend (March 8)

Wonka is finally available on streaming! But it's not the only movie to get excited about this weekend. Here are our top eight movies to watch.
Love Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleeding /

Movie fans who missed Timothée Chalamet's Wonka in theaters are now able to stream the larger-than-life film from home. But the weekend of March 8 is also packed with plenty of other movies you may have missed, as well as new debuts!

This weekend, there is no one single big feature to highlight, but this isn't always bad news. What it means (at least, for this weekend) is that there are several options for moviegoers. Below, we share the list of all eight movies available to watch this weekend, these are both new debuts now playing in theaters as well as movies you can stream from home -- there's something for everyone.

Movies to watch in theaters (and streaming) this weekend, March 8

  • Wonka, now streaming on Max
  • Kung Fu Panda 4, playing in theaters
  • Love Lies Bleeding, in select theaters (will get a wide release starting March 12)
  • Imaginary, playing in theaters
  • Poor Things, streaming on Hulu
  • Mean Girls, streaming on Paramount+
  • Dune Part 2, playing in theaters
  • Cabrini, now playing in theaters

For fans who prefer to enjoy a movie night in, there's Wonka, starring Timothee Chalamet. The movie premiered in theaters just before Christmas of 2023. The movie shares Willy Wonka's origin story, a popular character from the 1964 novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. Over at Rotten Tomatoes, the movie received amazing scores from both critics and audiences. Stream the movie today on Max for free, as part of your subscription. Other movies you may have missed in theaters that are now streaming, include Mean Girls and Poor Things.

If you feel like leaving the house to catch the latest premiere, be sure to bring the kids with you, because that would be Kung Fu Panda 4. The animated adventure features the voices of Jack Black, who is back as Po, Awkwafina, Viola Davis, Dustin Hoffman, and many others. If this is the week your kiddos are off for Spring Break, a trip to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda 4 should definitely be in the plans. One movie not to watch with kids this weekend? Imaginary.

Sandy's 3 must-see movie picks: Poor Things, Love Lies Bleeding, Imaginary

Poor Things


Willem Dafoe, Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo

Quick Synopsis:

Bella Baxter is resurrected via a brain transplant, embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

Where to watch:

Stream Poor Things on Hulu.

I'll start with this -- if you know nothing about Poor Things, let's keep it that way! Don't even watch the trailer, go into it blind. Trust me, surrendering yourself to this wild (and often bonkers) adventure is the best way to enjoy it. But, if you still want to know a little bit about the movie, it takes place in Victorian London and follows Bella Baxter (Emma Stone), a young woman who is resurrected via a brain transplant.

Starting fresh, Bella embarks on a self-discovery journey. Now, this movie isn't for everyone, but it is very much worth checking out. Not to mention, Poor Things is nominated for an Academy Award, you should definitely see what all the hype is about.

Love Lies Bleeding


Kristen Stewart, Katy O'Brian, Ed Harris

Quick Synopsis:

An ambitious bodybuilder gets more than she bargains for after joining a gym with a criminal history.

Where to watch:

Love Lies Bleeding is only playing in theaters.

Listen, if Kristen Stewart is involved, I'm watching it! Stewart is one of the most underrated actresses of our time. And Love Lies Bleeding features some of the star's best work! The movie is described by critics as an electric love story. Stewart portrays Lou, a gym manager who falls (and falls hard) in love with Jackie, an ambitious bodybuilder with big dreams. Unfortunately, for Lou and Jackie, their relationship is anything but peaceful. Lou warns Jackie that she has a criminal family, but Jackie is willing to risk it all.

Love Lies Bleeding is not playing in all theaters, though. At the time of this writing, the movie is on limited release so it's only in select theaters. If it's not playing near you, know that Love Lies Bleeding will get a wide release beginning on March 12. As for a streaming release, we'll keep you posted!



DeWanda Wise, Tom Payne, Taegen Burns

Quick Synopsis:

Are our childhood imaginary friends only part of our imagination or is there something more sinister behind the idea?

Where to watch:

Imaginary is playing in theaters.

Imaginary is the latest horror picture in theaters. It does, however, have a PG-13 rating, so don't expect to be watching this year's best horror film. But hey, we hope to at least get some thrills from it! If you're not very hopeful, I recommend waiting for the streaming release. The movie follows Jessica (DeWanda Wise) after moving back into her childhood home with her family. At the home, Chauncey, a stuffed bear, is waiting for them, angry to have been forgotten.