X/Twitter is cringing over Jo Koy's failed Golden Globes monologue: Read the tweets!

Comedian Jo Koy takes the stage as the host of the 81st Golden Globes but viewers aren't really feeling his jokes.
81st Golden Globe Awards - Show
81st Golden Globe Awards - Show / Rich Polk/Golden Globes 2024/GettyImages

The 2024 Golden Globes are officially here, bringing in movie and TV fans across the globe to watch some of their favorite titles of the past year take home awards. 2023 was a fantastic year for entertainment, meaning the competition in each category is seriously high. But while many were expecting to see their favorite celebrities all dressed up and maybe some surprise wins and snubs, what people didn't expect was a very, very uncomfortable monologue. Comedian Jo Koy serves as the host, and he didn't make a great first impression on those who don't know him.

Koy opened up the Golden Globes tonight with a variety of cringe-worthy jokes, taking unnecessary shots at movies like Barbie and making a weird joke connecting The Color Purple and Ozempic. If you were watching the audience at the event, you could tell most attendees were not having the monologue. At one point, Selena Gomez even had her head in her hands. The laughs were limited at some jokes and the tone was just overall awkward. In response, Koy said: “Some [jokes] I wrote, some other people wrote. I got the gig 10 days ago, you want a perfect monologue?”

Well, the attendees at the Golden Globes weren't the only ones disappointed by Koy's monologue. Viewers at home took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share their displeasure with the uncomfortable jokes. See a collection of tweets about the show's opening here:

In all fairness, hosting a live show like the Golden Globes must be incredibly stressful and I give kudos to Koy for even getting up there and doing it. However, it doesn't look like his jokes are getting better with the night, unfortunately. After a commercial break, he came back on stage and made a joke about Taylor Swift that the singer (and her fans) did not like whatsoever. Check out her reaction:

Let's see if Koy redeems himself in the rest of the show! I sure hope he does.

The 2024 Golden Globes are now airing on CBS and streaming on Paramount+.