You don't need to watch Dr. Death season 1 before the second season but stream it anyway!

Dr. Death season 2 arrives just in time for the weekend. And while you don't need to watch the first season, we highly recommend that you do!
DR. DEATH -- (Photo by: Sophie Kohler/PEACOCK)
DR. DEATH -- (Photo by: Sophie Kohler/PEACOCK) /

Peacock''s Dr. Death is back with another chilling true story. Dr. Death season 2 focuses on the rise and fall of disgraced thoracic surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. Since this is the second season of the series, new fans are wondering if they should watch the first chapter ahead of season 2. The short answer is no, but we strongly recommend you do!

Dr. Death is an anthology series that brings into focus a different medical horror story each season. That said, you don't need to know anything about season 1 to understand season 2. However, if you love true crime dramas and appreciate strong story telling and powerful performances, Dr. Death season 1 is not to be missed.

Feel free to watch Paolo Macchiarini's story when Dr. Death season 2 premieres on Thursday, Dec. 21. All eight episodes will drop on premiere day, so it's the perfect winter break watch if you love the genre and have been searching for new content. But after watching Macchiarini's season, be sure you make plans to catch up on season 1.

The first season follows Christopher Duntsch, a once-respected doctor in the Texas medical community whose patients leave the operating table either permanently disabled or dead, until someone finally pays attention! Stream the entire first season on Peacock, it stars Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater, Grace Gummer, Carrie Preston, and others.

As for the second season, based on the Wondery podcast, we see Edgar Ramirez take on the role of Macchiarini in a performance that has received high praise. The season takes place between the years 2011 and 2014, shifting back and forth as audiences follow the events that push for an investigation into Macchiarini. The doctor claimed to have invented transplant surgery using artificial organs, specifically synthetic tracheas, per the season's synopsis. However, Macchiarini's methods were more experimental than he portrayed them to be. Not to mention, criminally unethical.

Dr. Death season 2 stars Mandy Moore as Benita Alexander, Rita Volk, Judy Reyes, Jack Davenport, Sandra Andreis, and others. Stream all eight episodes on Thursday, Dec. 21, only on Peacock.

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