FremantleMedia Looking to Revive ‘To Tell The Truth’

Yet another game show is aiming for a comeback.

FremantleMedia North America, Jeff Gaspin and George Moll have teamed up to create a new version of the classic game show To Tell The Truth, Deadline reports.

In its original format, To Tell The Truth featured a panel comprised of four celebrity guests who are introduced to three individuals who all claim to be the same person and possess the same incredible talent. After getting the change to ask each of the three individuals a few questions, the celebrity panel then take turns revealing who they believe is telling the truth of the three individuals.

Since its debut in 1956, To Tell The Truth has went through several revivals on both network television and syndication, airing a total of 25 seasons with the series’s most recent television run came to an end in 2001.

The proposed revival is being prepped for a primetime slot on one of the major broadcast networks. The newest incarnation of To Tell The Truth will be an updated version of the original concept, adding in new twist to add new elements of suspense and help raise the stakes in the series.

FremantleMedia will begin shopping the series around shortly.

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