Billy Zane Throws Out An Idea For The Twin Peaks Revival

Well, what do you know? It was just a few days ago we were wondering if maybe we’d see Billy Zane on Twin Peaks again, and now the actor has addressed that very issue himself.

He did so with Vulture, though it must be said that in the environment of a pre-Oscars party, it’s possible that he could have been responding to the idea in jest. Nevertheless, he’s on the record with this quote about a comeback for his character from the early 90s:

If Justice Wheeler had to drop in and save another endangered species and make out with [Sherilyn Fenn], he’d do it. I’m throwing it out there, Dave!

What a guy, making sacrifices like that! I also enjoy that he called David Lynch “Dave.”

It did seem like Zane might have just been goofing around, but what I took away was this: if Lynch really wanted to use Wheeler in some way, he’d probably be up for it, schedule permitting. As we’ve discussed before, unlike some of the older cast members, Zane is one who still has a busy schedule. I could actually see his availability being an issue.

Then again, Wheeler was never a major character the first time around, so we’re not talking tons of screen time here. If Lynch wanted to do it, I’m sure he could figure out a way. Bonus: Wheeler isn’t even dead, unlike some of the characters already confirmed to be returning!

What say you, Dave? I think fans would love to have Zane back for more Twin Peaks.