10 best Halloween costumes from The Office you can totally pull off

THE OFFICE -- "Gay Witch Hunt" Episode 1 -- Aired 9/21/06 -- Pictured: (l-r) Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, Steve Carell as Michael Scott (Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
THE OFFICE -- "Gay Witch Hunt" Episode 1 -- Aired 9/21/06 -- Pictured: (l-r) Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, Steve Carell as Michael Scott (Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) /

The Office was not the first (or last) to make an event out of their Halloween episodes, but it sure did feature some of the best in television. Even 10 years after the sitcom’s finale, The Office‘s Halloween episodes are unmatched in the comedy genre.

From the hilarious costumes to the shenanigans Michael Scott (Steve Carell) put his employees in, there’s so much to love about these episodes! If you’d like to watch them this Halloween season, all nine seasons are streaming on Peacock for free as part of your subscription. Want to a step beyond than a watch-party? Why not dress as one of your favorite characters?

Which Halloween costume from The Office do you remember most? Some were very impressive, while others haunt us till this day — I’m looking at you, Meredith (Kate Flannery)! Oh, and who can forget Jim’s (John Krasinski) lazy attempts at a costume? Needless to say, there’s something for everyone.

10. Erin as Wendy 

No offense to Pam, but Erin (Ellie Kemper) is our favorite receptionist. In the 2011 episode “Spooked,” Erin dressed as Wendy’s, the adorable red head logo for the chain restaurant. This is the perfect costume for Erin as I don’t see her wanting to dress up as anything spooky (except that one time she wore a creepy mask we still see in our nightmares). It’s also fitting that the restaurant is known for supporting children in foster care, and Erin was also a foster child.

9. Kelly as Carrie Bradshaw

If we were to call customer service and Kelly (Mindy Kaling) picked up the phone, we would either be delighted to have a long chat with her, or be incredibly annoyed. It depends on how serious the reason we are calling is. Kelly may be a chatterbox and dramatic, but this is why she never failed to impress when spooky season arrived.

In the 2008 episode, “Employee Transfer,” Kelly comes into the office dressed as one of her favorite TV characters, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. It’s easy to pull off! And now that Carrie’s world is back with And Just Like That…it’s the perfect costume. All you need is a pink dress, a blonde wig, and Carrie’s attitude.

8. Gabe as Lady Gaga 

Gabe Lewis (Zach Woods) didn’t enter the show until a few seasons later, and he may not be everyone’s favorite character. And we definitely did not like him as Erin’s boyfriend, she deserved the world…and Game was just not it. However, we did love when Gabe popped in as Lady Gaga in the 2010 episode “Costume Contest.” Big props to Gabe for being so creative and daring! If he was going to an awkward Gaga, he nailed it.

7. Nellie as “Sexy Toby” 

Speaking of The Office characters who are no fan favorites, we have Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate). If I had time to tell you all the reasons I dislike this woman, we would be here for a long while. Nothing was the same after Steve Carell left the show, but, to make things worse, Nellie came in. The only fun memory we have of Nellie is when she dressed up as a sexy version of our favorite human resources representative, Toby (Paul Lieberstein), in the 2012 episode, “Hear Comes Treble.”  It’s fun in a way that it was unexpected, but, personally, I love Toby, and he did not need more people making fun of him as it is. Toby gets enough from Scott. This costume is also easy to pull off as you can turn any TV character into

6. Michael as MacGruber 

Of course Michael Scott was going to make the list! And out of all the costumes, Michael as MacGruber in the 2010 episode “Costume Contest,” takes the cake! Who is MacGruber? Some of you may know him as the MacGyver parody from Saturday Night LiveMichael doesn’t stop there, he gives us many fun moments as the SNL character. We’ll never forget MacGruber running to hand Gabe (as Lady Gaga) a note warning him about a bomb (as in the popular SNL skits) and yelling “MacGruber!” right into the camera.

The Office
THE OFFICE — “Couples Discount” Episode 916 — Pictured: (l-r) Phyllis Smith as Phyllis Vance, Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute — (Photo by: Byron Cohen/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) /

5. Dwight as Sith Lord 

Did you think this list would be complete without Dwight (Rainn Wilson)? Absolutely not! In fact, you may see him again on this list. Not only is Dwight Dunder Mifflin’s most faithful employee, but he also takes Halloween costumes very seriously. In the 2005 episode, “Halloween,” Dwight shows up to work as the Sith Lord from Star Wars. Now, you don’t have to go all out and drop a lot of money on a Sith Lord costume, especially because Halloween is only a couple of days away, so you may not have a lot of options!

All you need to pull this off is a black robe, any black robe. A bath robe, or even a sheet you can convert into a robe, as long as it’s all black. And finally, white face paint or powder to give you a pale look. That’s it!

4. Pam as Charlie Chaplin / Hitler

No, shy and soft-spoken Pam did not dress up as Adolf Hitler. Well, not intentionally. In the 2008 episode, “Employee Transfer,” Pam dresses up as Charlie Chaplin. Yeah…she didn’t think about this one very well. She resembles Hitler as it is and had many people at her job turning heads, but if she takes off the hat, she’s an uncanny Hitler. It also doesn’t help that no one else at the office dressed up — this was when Pam transferred to another office. Let’s just say, her fellow employees there did not care for Halloween at all. Do dress as Charlie Chaplin, all you need is… Actually, don’t even try this one!

3. Jim as Facebook aka Book Face 

If you want an employee who will give his Halloween costume his best, don’t look at Jim. In all Halloween episodes of The Office, Jim gave his costumes the most minimal effort possible. However, when you are running out of time and need a last minute costume, Jim’s costumes are amazing ideas! Our favorite is Jim as Facebook, all you need is to write “BOOK” on your face. It really can’t get easier than that!

Need more ideas from Jim? How about a “Three-Hole Punch”? To pull this one off, Jim created three holws from construction paper and taped them to his shirt. Finally, using a “my name is” sticker, Jim became “Dave.”

2. Andy as a Cat from Cats 

You want to opposite of lazy? Try dressing up as a Cat from the production Cats, which is what Andy did in the 2008 episode “Employee Transfer.” It’s almost Halloween, but you really don’t need too much to dress up as a Cat from Cats. A tight outfit with a faux fur jacket or scarf will do, but we do suggest you do a killer job with the makeup, that’s what makes the whole outfit. Oh, and don’t forget to meow!

1. Creed, Kevin, and Dwight as the Joker

I told you Dwight would be back on this list! Except, this time, he is here with Creed and Kevin! All three men dressed up as Joker from The Dark Knight in the 2008 episode, “Employee Transfer.” As you can tell, this is a very popular episode. If you only have time to watch on Halloween episode from The Office, “Employee Transfer,” is the one! If there’s one thing The Office does well (though there are many) is keeping up with trends.

The real question is, who was the best Joker? Creed is the best Joker from the three, in my opinion. He did an amazing job with the makeup and even wore the perfect tie and vest. But really, all you need are makeup skills to become Joker.

Did any of these costumes help inspire you this spooky season? We hope so! Which character from The Office do you think wore the best Halloween costume?

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