Fox Debuts Full-Length ‘Scream Queens’ Trailer

As Fox continues to hype viewers up for its new drama, ‘Scream Queens’, the network has unveiled the first full-length trailer for the highly anticipated new series which gives viewers a glimpse at what promises to be a bloody first season.

Can September please get here already, because I am dying for more Scream Queens – see what I did there.

The Scream Queens have finally made their official debut, as Fox rolled out its first full-length trailer for this fall’s highly anticipated new drama from the minds that brought us Glee and American Horror Story.

The new trailer begins with a glimpse into the dark and mysterious past of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, as we learn that a murder took place back in the day and that someone is now out for revenge – in other words move over A. there’s a new mysterious villain out for revenge on a group of pretty, young ladies.

Fast forward to present day and we are once again introduced to Emma Roberts’ Queen Bee, Chanel Oberlin. Chanel is brought into speak with the campus’ Dean Cathy Munsch (played by the amazing Jamie Lee Curtis) who expresses her pure hatred for sororities.

Dean Munsch quickly sends the Kappa Kappas into a panic when she announces that the sorority will have to accept any girl that wants to become a pledge. Needless to say the Queen Bee and her minions (better known as the Chanels) are not enthused by the announcement which results in new pledges such as Lea Michele’s neck-brace wearing Hester to the candle wax eating Jennifer.

Hazing quickly ensues, including one ritual in which the new pledges are buried in the back yard of the Kappa Kappa Tau house – with only their heads visible above ground. The Chanels leave the pledges behind at the house to go get some banana daiquiri – um, yum! – and it is here that we have our first murder of the trailer. For one unlucky pledge, Hell Week comes to an unexpected end as a masked figure plows over the pledge’s head with a riding lawn mower!

Things quickly escalate from there, as a mysterious figure dressed in a red devil costume begins wreaking havoc on the Kappa Kappas.

In addition to offering viewers a better grip of the series’ backstory/plotline, the full-length trailer also gives viewers their first glimpse at recurring stars Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande’s characters.

Scream Queens is set to kick off its 15-episode freshman season this fall on Fox.

What do you think of Fox’s full-length Scream Queens trailer?