Viki Announces First-Ever Original Series, ‘Dramaworld’

Global television site Viki is finally making the leap into the world of original programming with the introduction of its first original series ‘Dramaworld’.

Viki has given the green light to its first original series Dramaworld, a new comedy-drama set in Los Angeles and Korea, the global TV site powered by fans announced on Wednesday.

The comedy-drama – which is being co-produced by Jetavana Entertainment, EnterMedia Contents and Third Culture Content – will be written in English and Korean in hopes of catering to the ever-growing global fan base that Asian dramas have built up in recent years.

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Dramaworld is our love letter to drama fans everywhere,” Viki CEO Tammy H. Nam said in a statement. “This sort of American/Korean web drama mash-up has never been done; we’re pushing boundaries everywhere, including the international co-production and distribution team from China, Korea and the U.S. We’re very excited to introduce this show to many millions of viewers and hope to break language and culture barriers in the most fun way possible.”

Added Jetavana Entertainment CEO Ivy Zhong of the groundbreaking new series:

“Although at this stage China is not the primary market for Dramaworld, we were taken by the uniqueness of the concept. It’s a new interpretation of the K-Pop culture that has been sweeping the globe. In addition, we are excited to hopefully engage with Korean youth pop culture, Western youth pop culture and Chinese youth pop culture, in the form of a Chinese sequel or remake after season 1. Last but not least, we truly believe in the creative team and production team behind this joint venture, as well as Viki, our financing partner, for the simple fact that they are the most experienced and fastest growing platform for spreading Asian content worldwide.”

Dramaworld will center around the life of Claire Duncan (Liv Hewson), a “cute if slightly nerdy” college student who is absolutely obsessed with Korean dramas and she cannot get enough of her favorite leading man Joon Park (Sean Dulake). After a “twist of fate and a touch of magic,” Claire finds herself transported into her favorite series. With the help of her new friend Seth (Justin Chon), Claire will quickly discover that she too has a major role to play in this new world.

Award-winning filmmakers Josh Billig and Chris Martin are set to co-write on the series, with Martin set to direct the series’ 10-episode first season. Filming on the series is set to begin this September in Seoul, with Season One set to debut worldwide exclusively on before rolling on various partner sites in early 2016. Although the series has yet to even begin production, Viki is also reported to have already started to plan out a second and third season.

Will you check out Dramaworld when it premieres this fall on Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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