‘Supernatural’ Season 11: Favorite Characters You Want Back

The ‘Supernatural’ “road so far” is about to head into some seriously intense territory. The Darkness quickly swept up Sam, Dean and the beloved Impala in the season 10 finale. And with the chaotic results the trailer treated us to, in store for our the Winchester bros, Castiel and Crowley,  I couldn’t help but wonder what a decade of “saving people, hunting things” really means.

There is so much to look forward to in Season 11, but perhaps the most telling is Sam’s outright pleas to the man, the myth, the legend: God himself. In the past we have been lead to believe that God has abandoned humanity, the angels and heaven altogether. With archangel Michael and Lucifer (and Adam) locked in the pit nobody has been running things for a long time, which has led to some interesting attempts at power, we’ve seen what such a thing can do to an angel like Castiel and a man with arguably a more important job than leadership like Metatron and none of those things were good.

Rob Benedict in Supernatural. Photo: CW

We have seen what the depths of hell can do to angels and demons, Sam and Dean and Crowley. The absence of God or anyone nearly as capable (if he is all the angels have cracked him up to be prior to becoming the equivalent of a deadbeat dad) has offered the boys an out from some pretty sticky situations more times than we can count. Sammy’s pleas make us hope that God can in fact give some sort of deliverance from the current hold of the Darkness and perhaps fully realize a fan favorite theory about the prophet Chuck!

Once upon a time, Dean may have said, “what is dead should stay dead,” yet that has never been more untrue, which is fine for a show about ghosts and angels, demons and everything in between. And frankly, if that were the case we definitely wouldn’t have a show anymore and that would a terrible thing. Which leaves us with some serious thoughts to consider. Fan favorite episodes are well-known (mine is the French Mistake) and season five is often referred to as the best (though I would probably make a case for season 10), all these things remain to be debated, hopefully often. But the absolute best thing that Supernatural does is bring characters back. Over the years, Supernatural has managed to make character returns just as special as the few episodes it took us to fall in love with them. So throw on some Asia’s “Heat of the Moment” head down to the comments and let’s find out who everyone hopes to see back in Season 11!


We grab the salt just in case these ghosts of characters past decide to haunt us more than they already do, we get emotional and we prepare for some truly dark days. Let’s hope for some excellent opportunity to use a Bobby catchphrase. Let’s hope we get some comic relief with Gabriel. Let’s hope that while Bela and Balthazar have gone on to find themselves among walkers and originals respectively we may one day see them return, hopefully with just as much sass and badassery as the way they came onto the scene! And we hope that Jo and Charlie are have started up their own group of Hunters and Women of Letters, wherever they maybe!

If prayers are truly being answered this season, then perhaps we can do more than hope that the writers have heard us and more than a few of these familiar faces will return!

Supernatural returns Oct 7 on The CW. 

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