Exclusive: ‘Agent X’ Season 2 Spoilers Revealed


‘Agent X’ has officially come to an end – but we have all your answers about Season 2 direct from the man himself. Series creator Blake Herron tells us everything you want to know about John Case’s future.

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Agent X fans, I have bad news and good news for you.

The bad news is there won’t be a second season of our most underappreciated action series. Despite everyone’s best efforts, the campaign to find it a new home hasn’t worked out.

But the good news is that I can tell you what would have happened in Season 2. Series creator Blake Herron graciously sat down with me this week to dish out all the answers to your biggest questions about Agent X – and there are some big surprises therein!

So without any further ado, here’s what would have been ahead for Agent X:

1. John would have returned to being Agent X

Though he was determined to live a normal life at the end of Season 1, you don’t have much of a show without John Case, so John (Jeff Hephner) would eventually be sucked back into the secret-agent life after a time jump.

“Season 2 starts out almost a year later,” Blake explained. “John is trying to live a straight life. Pamela’s gotten him a job at a brokerage firm, so he’s trying to be like a stable Wall Street guy.

“They’re about to get married and basically he gets home from his rehearsal dinner and who’s waiting for him but Olga,” he continued. “She says Malcolm’s alive, he’s in Paris but he’s going to be dead if you don’t get there soon, so John has to team up with Olga, go to Paris, rescue Malcolm and get back in time for his wedding.”

2. Pamela fans, prepare for heartbreak

As you can guess, John walking out on his impending wedding to save the life of his former mentor doesn’t bode well for his renewed relationship with Pamela (Carolyn Stotesbery). Fans who were hoping for a happily ever after would in fact get the complete opposite result.

Agent X – TNT

“By the time he gets back in time for his wedding, Pamela’s already learned that he left with Olga,” Blake said, “and she’s decided to blow off the wedding.”

And that’s not the worst of it. “Then Pamela turns kind of evil,” he continued. “She teams up with Eckhart, and Eckhart has it in his mind to get many Agent X’s that he can control, because he’s been so burned he wants his own little private group.”

So in Season 2, John’s biggest enemies would be his former fiancee and the President of the United States. Ouch.

3. Olga’s return comes with a big twist

Everyone wanted to see Russian nemesis Olga (Olga Fonda) again after she disappeared at the end of “Fidelity,” and she would have not only come back but become part of the Agent X program as well as a potential love interest.

“Olga cuts a deal with Natalie [Sharon Stone] and says I’ll help get Malcolm out, but I want to become an American citizen,” Blake explained. “She becomes an honorary member of the team at that point. A lot of people asked if John and Olga were going to team up, and the answer is yes.”

And with John no longer pining for Pamela, he might be more receptive to Olga’s much-stated interest in him. “At first it will be professional and then of course there’ll be romantic tension,” he told us, though he added, “I quite honestly don’t know who he was going to end up with.”

The biggest news of all, though, is that Olga Fonda would have been being positioned as a potential replacement for Jeff Hephner should the actor have decided to exit the show (since he’s now rightfully earned the status of breakout TV star and ultimate badass).

“We always knew eventually John would have to get a sidekick,” Blake said, “and you can keep a person who doesn’t want to be Agent X any more engaged by saying you have to stay and train the next person for a year or two.

“Now that person conceivably, we considered Olga to be the next Agent X. She becomes a US citizen and proves herself; she slowly proves she can be trusted.

“And then the truth of the matter is, if we had gone two or three years, Jeff would have undoubtedly been offered an action movie and would have to consider moving on from the show.”

Whether or not that would have actually happened we’ll never know, but it’s certainly interesting to think about. Could there have been Agent X without the original Agent X?

4. More reveals for John’s backstory

A huge part of Season 1 was the slow reveals of John’s history, and the audience wouldn’t have been left hanging. One of the episodes in Season 2 would specifically have addressed John’s early life and what set him on the path to becoming Agent X.

“There was going to be an episode where he goes back home,” Blake recalled. “We would have learned that he came from a small, depressed farming town in the Midwest, probably Michigan, and his father had left him, or so he thought.

“He was raised by his mom and then there were teenage twins, who were kids of the local thug. He accidentally killed one of them in self defense and became a cult hero,” he continued. “The problem is, he killed the wrong guy and his life was in danger and he was only 17, so his mom signed a waiver for him to join the military for his own safety and he got out. As far as his mother knows he died on the battlefront, as far as the town knows as well.”

Agent X – TNT

“The mission in this one would be John saving his hometown,” he said. “Over 20 years have elapsed, they think he’s dead and he comes back and finds out the surviving twin is even worse of a criminal than his father was and terrorizing the town, and he cleans up his hometown. And then leaves.

“Of course there’s the high school sweetheart he left behind and she’s perhaps the only one who learns who this mysterious stranger is that’s returned back to the town to make things right,” he added. “He’ll meet his mom, but his mom will be blind. There would’ve been these wonderful conversations with his mother where he talks about himself. And he would pretend to be a guy who knew her son.”

Only on Agent X does one’s family reunion also involve taking down criminals. Think the “Edie’s Wedding” episode of Archer, only probably bloodier.

Fans would also have found out more about John’s father, but surprise, it actually wasn’t Mike (Fred Dryer).

“Mike was not his dad,” Blake said. “His dad was an Agent X guy. We implied that it might be Mike, but it turns out that no, his dad died on the job and then Malcolm promised to basically look after John.

“Malcolm’s been like a guardian angel for John all these years. That’s the reason he was selected for the Agent X program, because Malcolm saw how well he preformed when faced with these challenges.”

5. Volker is still alive

Speaking of people who used to be Agent X, despite John giving him one hell of a beating in the season finale, his mentor turned worst enemy Raymond Marks/Volker (Andrew Howard) is still out there come the start of Season 2.

“We were going to have him survive and be held in an insane asylum for spies,” Blake revealed. “There’d be ‘B’ and ‘C’ plots where he’s basically taking over a institution and planning to escape.

“At the same time he would be messing with Eckhart, because the head of the head of the asylum would be the President’s shrink as well,” he added. “He’d be basically seducing the head of the asylum to help him undermine and gaslight Eckhart at the same time. Eventually, John would have to go into the asylum and investigate.”

One can only imagine how big of a throwdown that would be. Arkham Asylum would probably have nothing on Volker’s asylum.

So there you have it, Agent X fans. That’s everything we can tell you about the show that would have been. And while it’s a shame that we won’t get to see it happen, hopefully this will give you something else to get excited about – if only just thinking about how John Case would have still been out there, kicking butt, taking names and saving the country.

What do you think of the Season 2 spoilers for Agent X? Would they have made you excited for a second season? And don’t forget, Season 1 is still available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.