37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Derek Shepherd – Grey’s Anatomy

Last Words: “Hey, it’s me. I’m on the ferry. I-I just wanted to say that, um… God, I wish you could see this. Weather’s classic Seattle. Oh, the water is so blue. It may be the most perfect ferryboat ride I’ve ever had in my life. We’re gonna do this a lot more when I get home, by the way… you, me, and the family. We’re just gonna take a day and… ride the ferryboat… all day if we want. I love you, Meredith. I know I just left, and I’m not even at the airport yet, but I just wanted to say… I love you. I love our family. And we’re gonna keep doing this. I’ll see you when I get home. I love you.”

How He Died: Hit by a truck.

Why His Last Words Were So Great: This isn’t exactly the last thing Derek says, but it is the last time we see him onscreen. Several episodes after his tragic death, Meredith shares the voicemail he left her with Amelia. It’s just as emotional as you could imagine, especially since we actually saw him leaving it.

The jury is still out on Derek’s death. It’s still argued that there were other ways for him to leave the show. But despite all of that, his final voicemail is the closure we had all been seeking. He tells Meredith he loves her more than once, putting the perfect punctation on the relationship that drew fans to the series in the first place. And just like that we and Meredith were ready to scrub in for whatever came next! Ferry boat scrub cap included!

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