37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

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Lexie Grey – Grey’s Anatomy

Last Words: “Meant to be.”

How She Died: The plane Lexie had been on had crashed in the middle of the woods. Lexie was trapped under part of the plane, and died from her injuries.

Why Her Last Words Were So Great: This has to be one of the most heartbreaking moments on Grey’s Anatomy, and there were certainly a lot of angry fans. Lexie had finally told Mark just how much she loved him and then Shonda Rhimes his us with a plane crash. We’d already been warned that one of the plane crash victims was going to die in the Season 8 finale, but we’d hoped and prayed that it wasn’t “little Grey.”

What made this moment so great was that she died with the man she loved right by her—and learned his true feelings for her. The moment was bittersweet, as Mark told her the future that he had planned and made her final moments easier on her. There was no screaming or anger at how long it had taken Lexie to admit her feelings or anger at Mark for not telling Lexie how he really felt when he had the chance.

It was just a moment to think of what could have been for these two lovers. If only that could have happened.

– Alexandria Ingham