‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 4, Episode 10 Recap: ‘Don’t Read the News’


A harrowing cry and chilling death leads the Intelligence Unit to a serial killer years in the making on ‘Chicago P.D.’ on the first episode of the new year.

The Intelligence Unit on Chicago P.D. is called to a scene of the killing of a young, black woman. Not so much because she was killed but it seems because of where her body had been dumped – a nice part of town.

While at the crime scene, a woman is screaming at the police that someone is killing their daughters. This outburst could get ignored as just another upset citizen but Kim Burgess follows her instincts, which leads the team to learn that young, black women are being targeted.

And have been for years.

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The discovery that a serial killer has been picking off these women is a tough one to swallow. The homicide unit lost the ballistic work from several 2008 murders and the DNA that currently got picked up doesn’t match anyone on record.

That’s when Jay reminds us of a great cast member we lost to Chicago Justice. Antonio passed a tip to expand the DNA search for familial relations. When they do, the Intelligence Unit gets a hit to a person they already have in custody for questioning in the woman’s murder. The DNA also links him to 12 other murders.

However, it’s only a 98 percent match and Voight doesn’t actually think the guy did it, especially considering his first kill would have been when he was 16. He was in love with the victim and angry that she was dancing for money, but him being the murderer doesn’t add up … even though the gun found in his trunk is a ballistic match to the murder.

This leads the Intelligence Unit to the suspect’s father who has now disappeared. Kenny, a new addition to Intelligence, and Atwater search the house and find a basement door from the outside of the house. Inside, they discover a secret room with blood and a photo of a black woman in lingerie.

After talking to his son, he finally gives up where his dad might be hiding out. The police find him in the middle of burning evidence. However, he didn’t burn all of it yet and the Intelligence Unit has caught him red-handed.

Yet, the sadistic killer didn’t seem remorseful. In fact, he all but gave himself up telling a story of a man he met that said he had killed 100 women. A man that you could walk by and never even notice.

When Voight told him he was going away to a place that will be hell, the killer didn’t seem scared or upset. He simply smirked.

Photo Credit: Chicago P.D./NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago P.D./NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

Daddy Dearest

Erin met with her father, who she thought had been in prison this whole time because that’s what Bunny told her. However, Jimmy has been out of jail for the last 10 years and is now married with two sons.

Jay doesn’t trust the guy and ran his financials despite Erin asking him not to. Nothing fishy turned up … yet.

Jimmy seems like an OK guy. Someone who has presumably learned from his mistakes and is leading a better life. He even kept childhood photos of Erin that he gave to her since Bunny had lost all the ones that she owned.

Everything seems great. Bunny and Jimmy are getting along, they are even going to buy a salon together, and Erin now has a normal-ish family. This is where things get tricky. Anything that involves Bunny generally means trouble. It seems more likely that Bunny is running a scam on Jimmy than the other way around.

However, I’m still sticking with my theory that the writers are going to make Voight Erin’s biological as well as her essentially-adoptive father. There are just too many convenient items piling up such as Voight not realizing Jimmy was her father and admitting he knew Bunny from before Erin was born (which he revealed in the previous episode). And then Jay casually asking if he wants Erin to run a DNA test on Jimmy just to be sure.

Though Erin responds with, “If it is a fantasy, let me live in for a little bit.”

It would also be convenient for Voight to lose his son and then magically gain a daughter. They wouldn’t have to make them blood relatives to be family. They already are … so let’s not go down that road.

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Photo Credit: Chicago P.D./NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village
Photo Credit: Chicago P.D./NBC Image Acquired from NBC Media Village /

The New Guy

A new face joined the Intelligence Unit. Kenny Rixton came on board to fill in for Ruzek while he is on a deep undercover operation. Rixton seems OK as he learns the ropes. The only person who sees disappointed is Kim. She hoped to spend a little more time with her former fiancé.

The hemming and hawing on their relationship while they were engaged was frustrating. If they put these two back together, let’s do it for good. Otherwise, let them both move on with their lives.

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