‘Colony’: Adrian Pasdar and Amanda Righetti Preview Season 2


Season 2 of USA’s ‘Colony’ begins Thursday so Hidden Remote joined Adrian Pasdar and Amanda Righetti to discuss what’s ahead for Nolan and Maddie.

The fight for Los Angeles continues in Season 2 of USA‘s Colony, which premieres this Thursday, January 12 at 10/9c. Will the Resistance be able to get the upper hand on the colonizing forces? Will we learn any more about the aliens and what their ultimate plans are for humanity?

Hidden Remote sat down with series stars Adrian Pasdar (Nolan Burgess) and Amanda Righetti (Maddie Kenner), whose characters were entangled together during Season 1, to discuss how the show is pushing its narrative forward in the new season and where we’ll find Nolan and Maddie when we meet them again.

Check out what they had to say about the future below and then check out the season premiere of Colony on Thursday at 10/9c on USA:

Hidden Remote: It’s standard practice for TV shows to open up their worlds in the second season. But Colony is specifically about being closed off and isolated, so how much more will we really get to see this year?

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Adrian Pasdar: I think the dynamics between the characters change. That you either like them more, or fear them more, or become even more ambivalent. I think I have managed to make all three of those things happen this year.

Amanda Righetti: It’s more extreme. I think the Occupiers have taken a more extreme position [and] the Resistance is taking a more extreme position, so the screws are really tightening on everyone across the board.

Hidden Remote: Given Maddie’s involvement with Nolan and her sister’s position as a key figure in the Resistance, is the relationship between Maddie and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) doomed?

Righetti: I think they have a lot to rebuild, to come back to an understanding with each other. It makes an interesting dynamic for the season, because it sort of gives them a throughline and somewhere to go. In terms of Maddie and Katie, Maddie is in more of a power position than she was last season. Everything she’d built up to in the first season has come to fruition now and Katie has had everything pretty stripped from her, so the tables have turned. Katie is relying more on Maddie for her help in what’s happening with [Katie and Will’s son] Bram and not having her family close to her.

Hidden Remote: Everyone wants to know if we’ll learn more about the Occupiers this season. Will we?

Pasdar: I’ve been told that we’re going to learn a lot more about them this season, but I haven’t been able to confirm if that’s a physical description or more of a purpose of why they’re here. We know why they’re here but I think that gets expanded a little bit. Remember that [John] Frankenheimer movie The Train? It’s a great film about rescuing art from Germany during WWII. If you want to watch the movie it’ll kind of show you more of what’s going on here. Why are they after art? Why are they after culture?

Hidden Remote: As actors, does that ambiguity work for you? Or do you want to know what’s really going on in the Colony universe?

Pasdar: Oftentimes information can handcuff you, because things are fluid and they change…If you have an idea of where you’re going sometimes that lends [itself] to a certain smugness about it I think. I’ve seen it in performances, it’s not intentional, but if they know what they’re doing and where they’re going, the performance becomes a little more relaxed and that’s never quite as interesting. I personally only like to know as much as I need to.

Hidden Remote: Both your characters are in sort of a moral gray area as we enter Season 2. How do you perceive them? What do they believe, what are they fighting for?

Pasdar: I think it’s decided on an individual basis. I don’t think there’s moral ambiguity in Nolan’s character, but I think you adapt to morals that service your desires in the end. There’s no action if it’s divorced from desire. Ever. You have to want something in order to do something. So while I may appear somewhat slippery in terms of the characters I’ve played in the past, there’s a solidity to this guy that has a backbone, a little different than I’ve played before.

Righetti: I also don’t think you know how you’re going to react until you’re in an adversarial position. We all think that we’re going to act or react a certain way, but until you’re placed in that specific position, you don’t really know what decisions you’re going to make. The fact that [creators] Carlton [Cuse] and Ryan [Condal] really explore those – every character has some kind of moral dilemma and it makes it relatable for anyone to watch.

Pasdar: How far would you go to protect the people you love?

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Find out what happens to Nolan, Maddie and everyone else when Season 2 of Colony launches on Thursday. You can watch the first ten minutes of the season premiere above, and Season 1 is also now available at USANetwork.com, via USA on Demand, and on iTunes.

Colony premieres Thursday, January 12 at 10/9c on USA.