Meeting “Her”- An Interview with ‘You Me Her’ Star Priscilla Faia


Priscilla Faia plays Izzy in Audience Network’s ‘You Me Her’, the messy spitfire addition to the throuple. We spoke to the rising star, where she gushes about how the Polyamory community has embraced the show and how much she adores Amy Adams.

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Season 2 of You Me Her is hitting the airwaves tonight and to be quite honest we don’t think we can wait a second longer for our favorite polyromantic comedy! Luckily, we were able to get some inside information from Priscilla Faia herself!

You Me Her follows an alternative relationship style called Polyamory and Izzy is the rare unicorn. After being hired as an escort she unexpectedly finds her life turned upside down as new relationships form between the husband and wife team played by Greg Poehler and Rachel Blanchard. In Season 2, the three of them explore the throuple lifestyle and what challenges wait for them in both the bedroom and real life social situations.

(Author note: I have such a newfound respect for Priscilla’s craft following this interview, she has really embraced her character and knows the ins and outs of Izzy. As someone who adores the characters in TV shows, having an actress that really knows not only the dialogue but also the psychology of their character is incredible.)

Hidden Remote: How has the Polyamorous community embraced you and your character?

Priscilla Faia of ‘You Me Her’ Photo credit to JSquared

Priscilla Faia: Last season when we were doing press for the show, we had lots of people from the polyamorous community coming to… we had a few come to our premiere in Austin and we had a bunch of people- which was awesome- come to our premiere in New York.

I think that with any new representation of a community, I think that there’s always going to be holdups about how they’re going to be portrayed because, I think that sometimes when we’re looking at alternative relationships they can be overly sexualized in the media. But I think that’s where our show is different, because our show isn’t about sex it’s about relationships and that’s what Polyamory is, it’s about having love with more than one person. So in that aspect, the feedback has been great, because you know being in a Polyamorous relationship is just like a regular relationship just with more than one person. So, there’s the positive aspects of that and the challenges just like with any relationship and I think that John does a really great job of portraying both sides.

So to answer your question, I think you know from what I’ve heard from the feedback on twitter and what have you has been positive, which I’m very grateful for we want to represent them in the best way we possibly can.”

Hidden Remote: I love that about You Me Her and the relationship aspect isn’t all about sex.

Priscilla Faia: Me too, that’s why I love the show so much. As an actor, the reason I love being an actor is storytelling.  We want to see the dynamics that happen between people and how that affects life and what have you and, like we said with You Me Her, it’s really relationship-centric and it doesn’t just stop at the three of us- it goes further to our supporting characters, to our best friends, with Nina who is played by Melanie Papalia and Carmen and Dave (Jen Spence and Ennis Esmer) and the neighbors and so on and so on.

Hidden Remote: In You Me Her, Izzy is the “unicorn” of the relationship, with the term generally having negative connotations… I don’t see Izzy accepting the usual negativity of that label.

Priscilla Faia of ‘You Me Her’ Photo credit to JSquared

Priscilla Faia: Yea, I think you know the unicorn implies that something that isn’t real and mystical. I think that any person would like to be explained as mystical because that’s very exciting. But, I think for Season 1 there’s definitely more of a unicorn aspect because she comes into this marriage with Jack and Emma and they have difficulties. There are things missing within each other that Izzy fufills and that’s what brings them together. And Izzy’s also not committed in any way to them, she gets to come in and out of their marriage so there’s this kind of fairy-like presence of her when she comes in and changes their world and pops in and out throughout the season.

But in Season 2, we see a shift. In Season 2 we see that Izzy’s desires have changed and that she wants more, she wants the commitment she wants to actually be with these people and so, Season 2 is her moving out of that role. Which is really exciting for me as an actor to play that arc for her, cause whenever we get to watch somebody go through a huge internal shift is always really exciting. So, hopefully it translates.

Hidden Remote: Why would you say Izzy is so open-minded and accepting of the Poly lifestyle?

Priscilla Faia:  Izzy is an open person in general. I think that she’s not set, she doesn’t have set traditional beliefs. I think that she’s someone who believes that love is fluid and sexuality is fluid. Because it’s not necessarily about the person, it’s about the connection you have with somebody. I don’t think that she thinks too much about the Polyamorous aspect in Season 1 because they’re all trying to figure out what it is that they have.

Priscilla Faia of ‘You Me Her’ Photo credit to JSquared

They’ve fallen into this thing, there’s not so much a label on it as there is this “okay so what are we doing here?” And you know, from a deeper darker perspective of the subconscious of Izzy she has complicated ideas about relationships because she comes from a complex relationship with her mother and father who have a failed marriage.

So I think that the idea of being in something – and this isn’t me referring to a Polyamorous relationship, I’m just talking specifically about their relationship, her relationship with Jack and Emma in Season 1, being in something that doesn’t really require any commitment on her end, I think that was something that drew her, you know subconsciously to them as well, because I think that when we’ve been hurt and when we don’t have great experiences with something we tend to go for something that doesn’t- we know isn’t going to hurt us. But of course just with any relationship, it grows and she actually falls for them deeper than she thought she ever would.

Hidden Remote: Speaking of experiences, she is experiencing what the Poly community calls “New Relationship Energy” two-fold with Jack and Emma, what benefits is she experiencing and what’s the biggest issue she’ll find herself struggling with in Season 2?

Priscilla Faia: That’s kind of what Season 2 is about, new relationships. Sorry what’d you call it? I want to get this right, New Relationship Energy? I think that every relationship, regardless of what it is has that New Relationship Energy. I mean it could be with anybody and in Season 1 we really see that, there’s all this lust and this draw to one another.

In Season 2 John Scott Shepard, who is our Showrunner, Executive Producer and he created the series, talks about Season 2 being what happens after the curtain goes down in Season 1. Now we’re in the realistic area of what happens when you’re in a relationship. What is it like having three people in a home, living sleeping and being intimate together and the complications that arise from that.  There’s always someone left out in a three person dynamic. There’s always somebody that’s going to be left out, and how do they move past those complications and move towards each other instead of away and we explore all of that in Season 2.

Hidden Remote: When the curtains close as you say, the viewers worry about the New Relationship Energy running out and if it does what would be the most overwhelming aspect for Izzy if it does happen?

Priscilla Faia: Well, I think at the end of Season 1, we kind of see the New Relationship, I don’t want to say dissipate but, shift because she is starting to feel that what they have isn’t enough for her. And whenever there’s a shift in any relationship where someone desires or wants something more, I think that the energy will shift.

I mean, I don’t think that in Season 2 it’s more about her really committing to this life that she’s created and that things are changing. Her relationship with Nina is changing. Nina’s going through things of her own and it’s becoming very real to Izzy that she’s made her bed and to make this work she has to really commit to that side, she can’t just come back to Nina whenever things aren’t the way that she had desired.

And with any relationship, especially that of with multiple partners, you have to move into the love instead of the lust. I think that Izzy wants that, so I don’t think the new energy going away is something that she even considers possible. So she doesn’t. You know it comes up in Season 2, she’s not trying to put her energy into that, she’s putting her energy into “how are we going to move through this?”

Priscilla Faia of ‘You Me Her’ Photo credit to JSquared

Hidden Remote: I love that you get it, I love that you embrace Izzy to her full potential. How do you  think Izzy’s pro-feminist views will impact her relationship with Jack, Emma and her best friend Nina?

Priscilla Faia: Izzy just believes that everybody deserves to have the life that they desire and you know, I always say that she’s someone who jumps in first and figures it out later. And, I think that she just – this is a tough question because I really have so many things to say but I want to say the right thing.

I think that Season 2 is the- you know when you’re going about life and something big happens and you go “Oh I have to grow up a little bit”? I think that that’s what’s happening. I really believe that’s what’s happening in Season 2, because you know in Season 1 she’s like “this is what’s happening and I’m in this relationship with these two people who are married!” and in the second season she really understands the – I don’t want to say consequences because that’s not the word, it’s more of the reality of what her decision is and how that does affect her relationship with her best friend, because her best friend is also going through some changes with relationships as well and, it’s not all about Izzy anymore.

I think that Season 1, it was really easy for Izzy to get caught up in everything that she was doing cause she’s a tornado. In Season 2 she really has to listen and be a partner, not just to Jack and Emma but to Nina and be there for her through her struggles and really sit in the reality of what it is to be in a relationship, to have not only one partner but two partners. And so, you say the pro-feminist of course, everyone should be a feminist because it’s about equality and Izzy is 100% someone who believes that everyone deserves to live the life that they choose and if that is to be with one person or two people or however many people, it’s their life to choose.

Hidden Remote: Who would you say Izzy is most attracted to in her new Poly relationship, Jack or Emma?

Priscilla Faia of ‘You Me Her’ Photo credit to JSquared

Priscilla Faia: I don’t think it’s who she’s more attracted to, she is falling deeply for both of them equally. But within any dynamic where there’s more than one person, there’s a shift. Every moment of “who are you connecting with more?” in that moment, “who’s falling on the wayside?” in another moment. So there’s this constant shift between the three of them, of pulling into one another and pulling back- because it’s new. It’s new and they’re trying to figure this out. I don’t think it’s one or the other, I think it’s both of them equally which is why it’s difficult.

Hidden Remote: As they’re figuring it out, might we see Izzy officially introduced to Jack and Emma’s family this season? And how will she deal with that scrutiny?

Priscilla Faia: Let’s just say cause I don’t want to give it away, that rhymed by the way- I’m Dr. Seuss over here! That there is a situation that comes up with family and because our show is ironic and hilarious, it doesn’t go down the way that you think. I’m just gonna say that cause I don’t wanna wreck it but you have to tune in because it is hilarious.

Hidden Remote: Definitely! Is there a specific scene you’re particularly excited for fans to see?

Priscilla Faia: Yeah, you know in the second episode I believe, they come out to the neighborhood to say “this is our reality, this is who we are”, and I’m really excited for everyone to see what happens, because you know in Season 1 Jack and Emma and Izzy all try very hard to keep it a secret  because they’re afraid of the scrutiny and the judgement and when they finally do it, it’s surprising. I’m really excited for people to see that.

Priscilla Faia of ‘You Me Her’ Photo credit to JSquared

Hidden Remote: If you could star alongside any actor or actress, who would you love to share the screen with?

Priscilla Faia: Oh, so many. (she said wistfully) I always, always, always have been a huge Amy Adams fan. And I just adore her, there’s something so real and relatable in her acting. I’d choose her. And, male- (she pondered for a moment), so many! I think Oscar Isaac is so talented, I’d love to work opposite of him. So those were the first two who came to mind so I’m giving you them.

Hidden Remote: I’ll take them! What else are you working on, will be seeing you in anything else soon aside from You Me Her?

Priscilla Faia: We just wrapped, and we were doing  press so I’ve just kind of gotten back. Hopefully, we’ll see. Keep in touch! We’re going back for Season 3 and we’re not sure when, so keep your ears open. I’ll definitely be following you guys on Twitter so…!

Priscilla Faia of ‘You Me Her’ Photo credit to JSquared

Hidden Remote: Oh awesome, we’ll follow you right back! When the cameras are off and it’s time to unwind, what do you do to relax? Are there any TV shows you spend time with or are loving at the moment?

Priscilla Faia: Yes, I actually just finished The OA written by Brit Marling and her writing partner Zal. I don’t want to pronounce his name wrong so maybe you could look it up for me- (Batmanglij). The OA is incredible, and it goes alongside Amy Adams’ new movie The Arrival.  Just the idea of non-verbal and new communication and bringing us together as a race, as a society as communities- I’m blown away because it’s exactly the type of- when I watch movies like that, when I watch shows like that, it’s why I love what I do. To be able to watch stuff like that, to be a part of that, is incredible. I suggest everybody to go see The Arrival and watch The OA and think about the inner meanings of what they’re doing, of what they’re saying.

Hidden Remote: If you could cast yourself in any of your favorite shows, what series would you pick and what role do you envision yourself playing?

Priscilla Faia: People ask me this all the time and I’m afraid my answer’s very lame. I get really excited with stories that fire me up inside and I believe I’m put exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m telling the stories that I’m supposed to be telling and I wouldn’t cast myself in any role because they weren’t meant for me. I just desire to be part of stories that make a difference and start conversations and bring people together. So moving forward, I always look for that.

Hidden Remote: Last question, I write female empowerment articles for Hidden Remote every #WomanCrushWednesday. What strengths from Izzy that we may or may not see this series would qualify her for a spotlight article?

Priscilla Faia: Oh you do? That’s amazing, congratulations! I’d love to read them!

When times get tough, she steps up which is not something she thought she would have to do, but rises to the challenge and I think that anybody- man or woman- anybody who rises to a challenge even though it’s scary and they have fear and they doubt themselves, I think deserves to be acknowledged.

Hidden Remote: I love that, you don’t mind if I write an article with that point do you?

Priscilla Faia: Not at all! I would be honored! That’s amazing, I would love it.

The wait is finally over for You Me her to return! Season 2 premieres tonight Tuesday, February 14 at 8:30/7:30c on Audience Network!