17 Most Hated ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Characters Ever

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Most Hated Grey’s Anatomy Characters – #14. Dr. Charles Percy

Who Played Him: Robert Baker

First Episode: Season 6, Episode 5, “Invasion”

Last Episode: Season 8, Episode 13, “If/Then”

Crimes Against the Fans: It is difficult to dislike a character that had a gruesome death, until you rewatch the episodes that he was in. Charles Percy was one of the most manipulative and unlikeable characters who was supposed to be a series regular ever brought to Grey’s Anatomy. Why is he so high up on the list? Well, there are far more who were hated by most fans.

Dr. Percy was introduced after the merger between Seattle Grace and Mercy West hospitals. He came in with Jackson Avery, April Kepner, and Reed Adamson and instantly acted like he owned the place. To make things worse, he played on Izzie, viewing her as weak when she came back to work far too early after her cancer surgery.

Fans hated that he wormed his way into Izzie’s graces and stole cases from her from the start. He then bad-mouthed her and mocked her for being so nice and trusting. That was not the way to act around a character who was one of the original five interns on the show.

Rhimes wanted to make Dr. Percy a series regular. However, the negative reactions from fans led to him being written out. His death is one of the saddest of all the doctors at the hospital, but mainly due to Bailey’s involvement and Chandra Wilson’s excellent acting. Fans weren’t too bothered that he was killed off.

He did return for one episode after his death, in an alternate reality “If/Then.” During the episode, he was a kinder man and could have made an excellent regular addition had his character been handled better from the start.

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