Interview: ‘Hunter Street’ Star Stony Blyden on Nickelodeon’s New Series


Before Nickelodeon’s rolls out its newest original series, ‘Hunter Street’ star Stony Blyden is shining a light on the mysterious new series and what’s ahead from the 20-episode series!

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This spring, Nickelodeon is transporting viewers to a world of mystery and adventure to follow one foster family on their hunt to find their missing parents in its new original series Hunter Street!

The adventure begins when young Max (Stony Blyden) moves in with his new foster family and is quickly embraced by his foster parents Erik (Ronald Top) and Kate Hunter (Tooske Ragas) and his new siblings Sal (Daan Creyghton), Anika (Krya Smith), Thomas (Thomas Jansen), and Tess (MaeMae Renfrow). For the first time, Max finally feels connection to his foster family but his world is quickly turned upside down when Erik and Kate mysteriously disappear during his first night in his new home.

Following their disappearance, Max and his new siblings are thrust into the adventure of a lifetime as they work together to find their parents on an epic and suspenseful family adventure. Soon, the siblings are racing through canals, exploring secret tunnels and discovering hidden treasures while working to solve the mystery of their parents’ disappearance and fighting off old family rivals and untrustworthy heirs.

Ahead of Hunter Street‘s series premiere this Saturday following the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards, Hidden Remote caught up with star Stony Blyden to discuss his character Max and the exciting adventure ahead this season for the Hunter kids!

Hidden Remote: When you first read the script for the series, what was it about the role and your character in particular that attracted you to the project and made you excited to be a part of the series? 

Stony BlydenThe first thing I noticed was just how accepting all the characters were of one another. We have five different kids from all over the world going from being complete strangers to becoming an actual family. It was just really special.

Hidden Remote: You play Max, who is described as naturally cool and funny with a heart of gold, but what can you tell us about Max and how he fits into the series?

BlydenYeah, so Max has pretty much spent most of his life bouncing between different foster homes; never really fitting or feeling like he belonged. That is until he meets the Hunter family and right away feels a connection that he’s never felt before. These people are important to him and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep them together.

Photo Credit: Hunter Street/Nickelodeon Image Acquired from Nick Press

Hidden Remote: Max’s new foster family is on the larger side, so how would you describe his relationship with is various foster siblings and how they vary from one another?

BlydenIt’s cool because if you look at the show as a whole, you’ll see these moments that he has with each character over the series. Whether it be a science experiment with Sal, a food fight with Anika and Thomas, or going on some wacky adventure with Tess. It’s these things that eventually bring them closer together.

Hidden Remote: As you mentioned, Max has bounced around from foster home to foster home before finally finding the Hunter family who embrace him wholeheartedly. How has his past shaped who he has become when we first meet him and how will the hardships of his past influence his actions as he works to find his foster parents, Erik and Kate?

BlydenYeah, I mean one of the first scenes of the show is Max’s advisor telling him that if it doesn’t work out with him and the Hunter family, the only thing left is an orphanage. That’s the last thing Max wants so he’s willing to give it everything he’s got. And because he’s never really had a family he feels at home and later in the show you see how hard he’s willing to fight for them to stay together.

Photo Credit: Hunter Street/Nickelodeon Image Acquired from Nick Press

Hidden Remote: Speaking of the search for Erik and Kate, what can you tell us about your character’s foster parents and the circumstances surrounding their disappearance? 

BlydenSo what starts as a regular “person search” when they disappear, ends up being a lot deeper than what the kids originally thought. There’s a lot of secrets about their parents and their family they didn’t know. Can’t say much more than that….you’ll have to WATCH!

Hidden Remote: And can you offer up any teasers as to who might be behind their disappearance or discuss any of the obstacles Max and his siblings face on their journey? 

BlydenI can’t go into too much detail in regard to their disappearance but I CAN tell you that we go on an epic and suspenseful adventure, including boat racing through the canals of Amsterdam, exploring secret tunnels and uncovering lost treasures!!

Hidden Remote: Talking about Max’s journey throughout the series, what can fans look forward to from your character as the season progresses?

BlydenHe learns to love the people around him and not take family for granted because in the end that’s the most important thing you have.

Hidden Remote: Is there a particular moment that you’re really excited for fans to see? Perhaps a favorite scene or episode? 

BlydenThere’s a scene where me and Daan dress up as vikings to sneak into a theatre show and I think people will enjoy watching that.

Photo Credit: Hunter Street/Nickelodeon Image Acquired from Nick Press

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Hidden Remote: Before we go, what would be your best sales pitch to viewers unsure of whether they’ll enjoy the series? Why should they be tuning in this spring?

Blyden: I promise you, you’ve never seen anything like this on Nickelodeon. It’s so packed with mystery, adventure and comedy that once you’re in, you’re in for good!

Don’t miss the series premiere of Hunter Street Saturday, March 11 at 9:30/8:30c immediately after the Kids’ Choice Awards before settling into its regularly scheduled time slot weekdays at 7/6c only on Nickelodeon!