‘Feud’ – Joan Crawford Hits a New Low in Drunken Airport Interview


Photo Credit: Feud: Bette and Joan/FX Acquired from FX Networks Press Room.

Towards the end of her career, Joan Crawford’s life gradually began to spin out of control leading to one of her most infamous interviews.

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Following her oust from Hush… Hush Sweet Charlotte, Joan Crawford was set down one of the darkest paths of her life. She was suddenly out of work, forced to move out of her home and into an apartment and no longer had the one person she thought would never leave her side after Mamacita packed her bags following Joan’s hospital outburst.

With her life spinning out of control, Joan often turned to the one old friend she could always depend on: alcohol. While Joan had always struggled with her drinking over the years, she had always managed to save face in order to uphold her public persona and avoid embarrassing herself in front of her colleagues and fans – until one fateful day at the airport.

After being whisked off the plane and into a wheelchair (at the time, Joan had injured both of her ankles via an unknown incident) through a crowded airport where she was met by the smiling faces of fans young and old. Always one to please the fans, Joan put on a show for those around her, but not even her best efforts could cover up her slurred speech and lack of awareness of the words leaving her mouth.

It’s a low point in the late star’s life that helps to kick-start the final episode of FX’s 8-part exploration of Joan Crawford’s feud with Bette Davis which races through the final years in their lives. And while the moment is only referenced in the finale, it’s a moment that lives on all these years later via YouTube – which gives fans a glimpse at how far Joan had fallen.

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