‘NCIS’ season 14, episode 23 recap: It’s time for a wedding!


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McGee learns something exciting in an ‘NCIS’ Season 14 episode focused on him and his growing family.

One thing I worried about NCIS Season 14 is that there would be too much focus on the new guys. In the earlier episodes, it looked like Ducky, Abby, and Palmer had pretty much been forgotten. That changed around Thanksgiving, with episodes focused on each one individual. McGee sort of had an episode, but it was more about Tony’s old apartment rather than McGee and Delilah.

It’s take 23 episodes to get to this point, but we finally have an episode centered on McGee. Unfortunately, that starts with the murder of a petty officer, who is found dead on his bunk on a ship! To make matters worse, when Palmer and Gibbs get to the freezer that the body has been kept in, the body has been removed.

It does turn out that he was having some problems with another petty officer on board. It’s a relatively easy case to solve this week, especially when the Coast Guard finds the body wrapped up as industrial trash. The knots tying up the bag came undone under water, which helps Gibbs work out that it wasn’t the petty officer causing trouble.

The murder was actually of the wrong guy. The MDMA found in Jones’ system was supposed to be for the commander and it was all just supposed to be a prank. It was Ensign Stoddard, who initially found Jones’ body, that did it and panicked when Jones turned up dead.

Sometimes simple cases are all we need. In the case of this week on NCIS Season 14 it worked. We wanted to know more about McGee and his wedding plans.

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There are just two months to the wedding and McGee and Delilah are, unsurprisingly, stressed. If you’ve planned a wedding, you know that the two month mark makes it all feel real. Trust Delilah to have a wedding planner app that alerts them to being behind on almost everything. I’m really glad when I got married there weren’t phone apps for it. I had an online tool but not an app constantly sending me updates!

The big issue for the happy couple is the guest list. Thanks to their mothers, the guest list has swelled and sending out the invites is hell. It’s not surprising that they end up snippy with each other. When McGee gets home the next night, he goes with some bittersweet advice from widower Vance, who says not to take what he has with Delilah for granted. However, when he gets home he has to deal with an extremely tired-to-the-point-of-passing out Delilah.

Worried that it’s linked to Delilah’s previous injuries, McGee makes a call to the only person he knows can help right now: Gibbs. It turns out that there are no complications at all. Not unless you count anemia because of pregnancy.

Yes! Delilah and McGee are having a baby! Of course, Abby finds out and she just can’t keep a secret. The team find out long before McGee and Delilah have a chance to tell them. That’s not cool, but at least they realize that it wasn’t done maliciously. Just never tell Abby a secret!

Maybe it helps that the couple decide to get married in “Tony’s creepy old apartment.” They’ll do something for family later, but it’s all about the NCIS family right now. Of course, Abby is McGee’s best man, with the best tux ever! How can they get married? Well, Palmer got himself ordained online that morning after McGee asked. Ducky gives Delilah away and Gibbs is her man of honor. This truly is a family.

And if that didn’t get you teary eyed, the next part would have. Gibbs hands McGee his watch; a watch that has been passed down from father to son on wedding days. It’s a watch that is only worn on special occasions, so Gibbs had a feeling that it would be needed. It’s a beautiful moment, especially when McGee turns the watch over to see the engraving “Breathe, Tim” on the back.

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Who doesn’t love a good wedding? They don’t have to be big and flashy. They need to come from the heart and involve family, and that’s just what NCIS Season 14 delivered with this penultimate episode. Unfortunately the couple won’t have long to celebrate, as it’s the season finale next week and something big just has to happen.

NCIS Season 14 wraps on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 8/7c on CBS.