REVIEW: Exploring the ‘Hanazuki: Full of Treasures’ Hasbro toy line


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Ahead of Hasbro’s launch of the ‘Hanazuki: Full of Treasures’ toy line this summer, join Hidden Remote in taking a look at some of the magical offerings from the limited-release line!

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When Hasbro launched its latest original series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures, it seemed like only a matter of time before the breakout animated series would receive its own product line. (After all it does hail from one of the biggest toy distributors in the nation!) As the success of the show – which continues to rack up millions of views on YouTube – continues to grow, Hasbro if finally giving fans the chance to bring home a wave of curated products featuring the show’s now iconic characters.

In the new limited product line, Hasbro pulls upon the heart of the show (i.e. Hanazuki and her various emotions which affect the world around her) to deliver a fun product line that ties directly into the show’s hit app. In purchasing products from the toy line, fans are able to unlock new bonuses for in-game play on the app adding even more to the experience for fans.

Thanks to a new line of Hasbro toys, fans everywhere will be able to bring the Hanazuki characters they’ve come to know and love home with them to add a little pop of color to their lives! Thanks to our partners at Hasbro, we’ve received a variety of toys from the collection to review right here for our loyal readers before they hit stores this summer!

Hanazuki Little Dreamer Plush Assortment

About the Product: Drift off into a world of dreams with the Hanazuki Little Dreamer Plush Assortment. This 7-inch tall plush figure is the mysterious, sleeping moon creature in ever-changing hoodie pajamas who delivers a magical treasure to Hanazuki for her mood garden each day. Use a smart device camera to scan the code on each figure and unlock different ways to play in the Hanazuki app!

Retails for: $12.99

Available at: Target, Justice and

Regardless of whether you’ve seen the series or not, these little character plush are sure to become a favorite among shoppers! Perfectly capturing the Little Dreamers we see in both the series and on the app, these plush are a fun addition to any collection and are extremely well made. The fun designs pop and the variety makes it easy for the little Hanazuki fans in your life to collector their own Little Dreamers without getting them switched up at home.

Hanazuki Surprise Treasures Assortment

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

About the Product: Escape into a world full of Treasures and colorful Hemka with the Hanazuki Surprise Treasures Assortment! Collect the wacky, colorful Treasures and Hemka friends of Hanazuki to express your every mood. Scan each Treasure’s codes in the Hanazuki app to unlock more mood-tactic fun! Kids can collect all 96 Treasures! Includes 2 Treasures per pack.

Retails for: $2.99

Available at: Target, Justice and

Who doesn’t love a good mystery pack? There is a key reason mystery figure packs continue to grow in popularity year after year and that reason is because of the extra excitement that comes in ripping open the package and revealing what goodies await inside. The design of these little Treasures are nearly flawless and it’s amazing the detail that is able to be worked into the figures. As you can see from the image below, the pack I received contained two different colored Treasures but with 96 Treasures in the mix, I imagine that it is possible to receive two of the same colored figures in one pack.

What does leave me a bit torn on these little guys is the sheer number of figures to collect! 96 is a large number and I worry that some parents might choose to limit the number of blind packs they’re willing to purchase and in buying a large number of packs your chances of receiving the same figure also increases. That said, it’s pretty hard to complain about the number of figures once you look at the actual designs.

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

Hanazuki Treasure 6-Pack Assortment

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

About the Product: No matter what your mood is, embrace it with the Hanazuki Treasure 6-Pack! Choose from six fun and expressive mood color sets to express it just as Hanazuki does in the Hanazuki: Full of Treasures animated series on YouTube. Wear, share, and display Treasures then scan their codes in the Hanazuki app for more mood-tactic fun! Each Hanazuki Treasure 6-Pack includes five Treasures and one mini-Hema figure that share the same mood color.

Retails for: $6.99

Available at: Target and

Having already touched on the figure designs when discussing the mystery Treasures packs, let’s instead shift our focus to the strengths of the 6-pack assortments. I feel like these packs are the perfect picks for fans hoping to get their hands on only certain characters or colored Treasures.

In choosing the 6-pack set, you received a crop of adorable Treasure figures for a better price than buying multiple blind packs. I also like that you’re able to actually see what you’re getting before you whip out the credit card.

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Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable

About the Product: Show and express the colors of your changing moods just like Hanazuki with the Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable wristband! Attach up to two Treasures directly to the wristband sensors and the Moodgleam Wearable lights up and glows to show off which mood or moods you’re currently feeling. Store and display up to five additional Treasures on the band of the wearable to show off which cool Treasures you have in your collection! The Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable connects to the Hanazuki app via Bluetooth and treasures can be scanned into the app to continue game play and for more mood-tactic fun.

Retails for: $19.99

Available at: Target, Justice and

Of the items sent out by the Hasbro team, I have to admit that this one is sure to be highlight for fans. There is just something about adding in the factor of lights and putting the figures you collect to a fun use. As you can see in the images below, the light on the product is very vivid both in lightly lit and dimmer areas and watching the colors change when you add a new Treasure to the band is sure to be something that kids will love.

Accompanying the light-up wristband is a pair of unique Treasures which prove to be good base colors for the band until new Treasures are purchased to add some variety to the mix.

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

Now also seems like a good time to take a look at how you can utilize the various Treasures in the Hanazuki app – which definitely adds another level to the fun. It’s particularly fun to see the Treasures come to life on your screen and is sure to be a major draw for fans.

All in all, I definitely think the Hanazuki toy line is going to a hit among fans – which is who the line is really designed for. The products I had the chance to review definitely felt like they were directly from the world and Hasbro managed to perfectly capture the likeness and vibrant colors of the characters. What is sure to make the line most popular is the ability to unlock new in-app additions in purchasing Little Dreamer plush and the various Treasure products.

Hasbro’s Hanazuki: Full of Treasures toy line hits shelves this summer in select location across the country. Be sure to check your local retailers for availability!

What do you think of the various Hanazuki products spotlighted in this feature? Will you be racing to your local Target this summer to get your hands on any of the merchandise? Keep the conversion going in the comments section below!