Billy on the Street is your source for off-season ‘This Is Us’ content (Video)

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The cast of This Is Us did Billy on the Street — don’t worry, it won’t make you cry.

Are you watching This Is Us? What is This Is Us? If Mandy Moore can have a primetime hit, why can’t we have a detective series with Michelle Branch? Would you like to objectify Milo Ventimiglia? These are the hard hitting questions being asked on Billy on the StreetThis Is Us may not be back on screen until September, but luckily Emmy season means the show — and variety shows with Emmy campaigns of their own — is giving us lots of off-season joy.

Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz and  Justin Hartley took to the streets of New York with Billy Eichner as the host accosted various New Yorkers, asking questions and sometimes just screaming “This Is Us” at people. Watch the segment below.

The real star of the segment is the totally calm and cool New Yorker, who claims to be a fan of the show but has the absolute most chill. (His voice also demands either a podcast or an audiobook stat.)

"Sir, you watching This Is Us?Of course.Here’s the whole cast.Wonderful. How are you doing?You don’t seem that excited for someone who is watching the show.Well, I’m from New York and I meet lots of amazing people on the street.You do? Every day? You’re walking around meeting Mandy Moore? I don’t think so.No, that’s true. But New York is full of amazing people.So you’re watching the show?Yes.Okay.All right.You’re enjoying it?Can’t you tell?"

God bless New Yorkers. Also God bless the extremely honest folk who admit they have no idea what Billy Eichner is talking about. God bless everyone in this video except the dude who hits on Mandy Moore, but shoot your shot I guess.