Interview: ‘iZombie’s’ David Anders on the resurgence of old Blaine, season 4 hopes & more


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As we enter the final stretch of ‘iZombie’s third season, star David Anders joins us in looking back on Blaine’s crazy journey this season while looking ahead to what’s in store come Season 4!

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From the moment the Season 2 finale of iZombie aired, it was clear that The CW’s fan-favorite drama would look very different come Season 3 – and, boy, was our gut reaction correct! The third season of the show has guided each character down new and unexpected paths in life, while still managing to keep the lighter tone and comedic moments that helped fans fall in love with the show to begin with.

While Season 3 has brought about plenty of growth and changes for each of the show’s characters, there is no denying that the character who has had the most unexpected arc thus far this season has been one Blaine DeBeers (David Anders).

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Within the scope of the first 10 episodes of the season, we’ve learned that Blaine had been faking his memory loss which led to his falling out with Peyton and left him on the outs once again with Liv & Ravi, watched him narrowly evade another brush with death, rejoin Team Z as a member of Seattle’s undead population, take revenge against his father and reenter the brain business by taking over his father’s role at The Scratching Post. Oh, and how could we forget about his ability to recreate Ravi’s memory serum in order to use it as part of his new get-rich-quick plan.

With the season quickly approaching its finish line, Hidden Remote caught up with Anders to take a stroll through Blaine’s crazy rollercoaster ride of a season before chatting about the show’s Season 4 renewal and his hopes for what the season might bring!

Hidden Remote: Let’s begin with Blaine’s current troubles – which seem to just keep piling up. When was it that you found out that Blaine was indeed faking his memory loss and were you surprised by the decision or had you always had your suspicions?   

David Anders: Rob [Thomas, iZombie‘s creator] filled me in at San Diego Comic-Con and I didn’t know if I necessarily wanted to know so as not to inform the character or wink at the audience, but I think we got away with it even so.

Hidden Remote: There was definitely a part of me that wanted to believe Blaine wasn’t faking the memory loss and was truly given a clean slate. Are we crazy for wanting to believe that his intentions were pure in faking the memory loss in order to start anew? 

Anders: I reckon most [fans] wanted the Blaine of old to come back, but it was a nice respite for the audience to see a sweet DeBeers if only ever so briefly.

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Hidden Remote: As a result of his memory loss fake-out, Blaine and Peyton began to grow very close and it was clear that the two formed a strong connection. Blaine’s betrayal has torn them apart but feelings like the ones the two shared don’t just go away. What might the future have in store for the duo? 

Anders: Blaine’s only hope was to move he and Peyton to the east coast and not allow her to ever speak to her friends again. He was on borrowed time during that devious courtship.

Hidden Remote: Is there any hope for the Blaine & Peyton shippers out there? 

Anders: That Shipper might have sailed.

Hidden Remote: I’ll be honest, I truly thought that Blaine’s ship had sailed when his father sent his assassin after him…

Anders: Like the “Classic” Chris Tucker movie says….Money Talks. It’s [also] important to know that a brush with death ain’t death itself or is it…as his only way out is to become dead again.

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Hidden Remote: Then there’s Don E who turned his back on Blaine, was responsible for bringing Blaine’s dad back into the fold and essentially blew his act by tipping Ravi off to his suspicions that Blaine was faking his memory loss. 

Anders: Everything [has fallen] back into place for the most part, but there will still be animosity and a power struggle with Don E and Blaine.

Hidden Remote: Speaking of Blaine’s future, what are you most excited for the fans to see as we enter the final stretch of the season? 

Anders: Old Blaine is back and will real [wreak] some havoc. Running a coup on his dad and Don E was just the tip [of the iceberg].

Hidden Remote: Finally, congratulations on the Season 4 pickup! Did you ever have any doubts that The CW would give you guys another season? 

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Anders: We were kind of confident we’d get another but you never know in this business, so to hear the concrete pickup was an absolute thrill.

Hidden Remote: Do you have any hopes for what Season 4 might bring for Blaine and the gang? 

Anders: I have hopes to be sure and already have hard info, but just expect more zombie Scooby gang type hijinks & terrific writing and performances.

Hidden Remote: Before we go, is there anything else you’d like to add or touch upon? 

Anders: I’m recording an album for kicks and working on my golf game and new home.

IZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. Be sure to tune in!