‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’ season 4, episode 2 recap: Simcoe returns


Daniel Henshall as Caleb Brewster – TURN: Washington’s Spies _ Season 4, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

‘Turn’ saw Simcoe interrogate an old enemy while Abe and Ben created a plan to rescue a captured spy from the British in New York.

Turn: Washington’s Spies produced a much more enthralling episode in the second hour of its two-hour premiere. The patriots immediately held a crisis in their hands with the capture of Caleb. While Ben and Abe struggled to find a solution to their problem, Simcoe finally arrived in glorious fashion to remind fans why no one should trifle with him. Without waiting any longer, here is the official spoiler alert for Turn: Washington’s Spies Season 4, Episode 2 ” The Black Hole of Calcutta.”

Washington’s Camp

Turn  began with the abduction of Caleb Brewster (Daniel Henshall) in a spy trade. The other spy reported to Washington (Ian Kahn) and Ben Tallmadge (Seth Numrich) about the situation. Washington worried over this major loss for his spy ring. Ben needed to think of a plan to retrieve Caleb from Arnold or risk a collapse of the entire spy ring.

Martha Washington (Lilli Birdsell) toured the camp as she came upon the trade store that belonged to Anna (Heather Lind). She exchanged her shawl for a spork because she admired the ingenuity of the silverware. Later at night, Martha spoke to General Washington about his struggles as the leader of the army and battles with Congress. Martha offered a clever solution. She proposed that she would speak to the wives of key members of Congress, such as Thomas Jefferson, to help her husband.

Ian Kahn as General George Washington, Lilli Birdsell as Martha Washington – TURN: Washington’s Spies _ Season 4, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

 New York

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Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman) interrogated Caleb with Captain Simcoe (Samuel Roukin) just outside the room. Arnold offered Caleb his release if he disclosed the entire spy ring that worked under Ben Tallmadge. Caleb made a jest of the interrogation as he relentlessly ridiculed Arnold for his betrayal against America for money. Arnold crumbled against the truth, so he yielded the interrogation to Simcoe, who used his usual violence to extract information.

Simcoe spoke to Caleb about their past encounters. He respected Caleb for his desire to kill Simcoe, yet something always intervened to save Simcoe. Next, Simcoe commented that he was a better warrior than Caleb, so Caleb actually did not possess the ability to kill Simcoe. Simcoe finally pressed the issue on the spy ring as he mapped out the entirety of his theory. Caleb laughed at the mention of Rogers as Culper. Thus, Simcoe realized that Abe had been Culper all along.

Turn “treated” its fans to a brutal interrogation between Simcoe and Caleb. Simcoe told Caleb about his birth in India and his experiences with the indigenous people in Calcutta. He pondered the Indian people’s treatment of his father and his men. This experience shaped Simcoe into the heartless man that he became. He continued to cut and brand Caleb for a confession, but Caleb never broke under the torture. Afterwards, Arnold humiliated himself again for his handling of Caleb, whom the British agreed to trade for the Woodhulls. Unfortunately, Simcoe knew Abe’s true role in the American army.

Samuel Roukin as Captain Simcoe – TURN: Washington’s Spies _ Season 4, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC


After the discovery about Caleb, Ben arrived in Setauket to evacuate Abe (Jamie Bell) and his family. Richard (Kevin McNally) objected while Abe developed his own plan. He convinced Ben to barter Abe in exchange for Caleb to strengthen Abe’s cover and to rescue Caleb. Mary (Meegan Warner) objected, yet Richard offered himself because Abe was not as important as his father. By the end of the discussion, Ben agreed to offer Abe and Richard to the British.

Ben and a couple other men traveled to the Woodhull farm to kidnap the father and son. However, an unforeseen complication occurred when three British officers approached the men. Tallmadge and his men murdered the officers to maintain their cover. This encounter infuriated Richard since they thought the plan would work without a hitch.

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Overall, Turn finished its premiere with a strong installment. The only weak portion of the season thus far is Anna Strong’s involvement. Her story line seems over since there is no need for her as a spy. Her connection to Martha added a nice touch to the main plot, yet her role seems inconsequential since Washington will soon turn the tide of the war. Can Anna lead an uprising in the camp to assert herself as a critical character once again? Also, Thomas Jefferson came up in this episode, so will Alexander Hamilton arrive soon?

Turn: Washington’s Spies airs Saturdays at 9/8c on AMC. Be sure to tune in.