‘Animal Kingdom’ season 2, episode 4 recap: Deran cracks


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‘Animal Kingdom’ saw Deran confront Smurf at the opening of his bar while Baz performed an unexpected move for the upcoming heist.

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Animal Kingdom fixed a few relationships as well as destroyed a few more in this episode. As Deran prepared to open his bar on his own, every action that involved the Cody family seemingly worked against Deran. While the Cody boys handled their own problems, Smurf battled her own fears throughout the episode. Without waiting any longer, here is the official spoiler alert for Animal Kingdom Season 2, Episode 4 “Broken Boards.”

Animal Kingdom opened with a glimpse into the hysteria in Smurf’s life. Smurf (Ellen Barkin) wandered around her household in the early morning with her gun because she heard a noise. Her search yielded no results, but she discovered two possible reasons for the ruckus in the early morning. J (Finn Cole) left to run on the beach while Nikki (Molly Gordon) allowed Craig (Ben Robson) to sneak in through the window. Smurf confronted each of her “kids” about her concern so that she could allay her fears in the future.

Next, Smurf wanted to run another job with J, yet he declined her offer because he had another meeting to attend. He met with Baz (Scott Speedman) and Pope (Shawn Hatosy) to ask for a larger role in the upcoming Church heist. The two refused, but they allowed J to participate in the trial run where J and Craig remained in vents for an extended period of time. Craig quickly freaked out after only a minute or two. He quit the job, so Pope awarded J the job. Baz yelled at Deran (Jake Weary) for his absence at the meeting.

Photo by: EDDY CHEN/ TNT/ Turner Press Room

Deran struggled to prepare for the opening of his bar. Deran reassured Baz that he understood his role in the heist. Later on, Baz realized his controlling nature after a chat with Smurf, who said that Baz acted exactly like her. Baz invited the brothers to another meeting where they climbed a crane in order to make a perilous jump into the ocean. This moment bonded the brothers as Baz emphasized his desire to run jobs differently from Smurf. In order to show his commitment, Baz took Deran’s spot in the heist so that Deran would not do the grunt work for a change.

After this touching moment between the four men, Deran opened his bar. After a slow start, opening night transformed into a rousing success. Baz and Pope congratulated Deran on his impressive feat. However, Smurf arrived after Deran invited her to the grand opening earlier in the day. She seemed proud of Deran, but she hijacked the opening for herself. She gave a speech about how much Deran has accomplished despite his status as the runt of the litter for the Cody family. Angered at Smurf’s antics, Deran confronted her in the alley behind the bar. Deran disparaged Smurf for her treatment of her youngest son. Finally he confessed that he was gay and reasoned that Smurf could not sleep with him, a fantasy she wanted to fulfill.

Photo by: EDDY CHEN/ TNT/ Turner Press Room

Meanwhile, the underage kids J and Nikki studied at home after J finished his work on the family business. Earlier, Smurf informed J that she wanted him to control the laundering aspect of the business as opposed to placing himself in danger on the numerous heists in which the Cody family engages. Just as J and Nikki patched up their relationship, Nikki ditched J to hang out with Craig at the bar. Before Nikki arrived, Craig fought with Deran in the restroom because Deran stopped Craig from snorting cocaine inside the bar. After Deran flushed tossed the cocaine down the sink, Craig had sex with his friend all over Deran’s office to exact revenge upon his brother.

Nevertheless, the two brothers made amends. They cleaned up the aftermath of the opening night together along with Nikki. As a sign of the strength of their relationship, Deran and Craig nailed the first broken board that they received onto the wall of the bar. In the end, the Cody brothers seemed prepared to take on the Church heist as no real problems existed.

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Other Notes:

  • Pope’s relationship with his Bible study teacher is steadily moving forward. Will he have second thoughts about the robbery due to this relationship?
  • Is Smurf trying to pit Nikki against J? Her guidance to Nikki about power suggested that Surf admired Nikki over everyone else.
  • Pope’s immediate exit once Smurf arrived was honestly hilarious. He knows that she is bad news. Therefore, he wants no part of any drama that she may, and did, create.

Animal Kingdom mended relationships and examined the tension in other relationships such as the one between Smurf and Deran. This decision seems to clear the way for Animal Kingdom to focus on the action and intricacies behind the Church robbery. Apologies, for the absence of last week’s recap. The episode did not appear on TNT’s website until Thursday after I could not find it Tuesday night and throughout Wednesday.

Animal Kingdom airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TNT. Be sure to tune in!