Will Kirby, Dan and Derrick are in a group text together and this is important


Kriby, Dan and Derrick have formed a Big Brother G.O.A.T. moment by all jumping into the same group text together.

It’s to often that we see a convergence of superstar talents on Big Brother. It apparently happened though and it’s a lot cooler than we thought it would be. Nothing profound happened in the group text that Dan, Will, and Derrick got together on but it’s still a collection of three of the greatest Big Brother players in the history of the show.

Apparently everyone assumed they were feuding, which seems to not be the case.

Exhibit A:

That’s the only exhibit. Apologies for setting it up as though there was more. It doesn’t really matter though. This is the coming together of legends and it’s something just about every Big Brother fan is going to love.

I’m not even that big of a fan and I love it.

This is like Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky hopping in a group text together. It’s profound and if that’s too much hyperbole for you then you have to at least admit it’s pretty cool.

Here’s to hoping they can all get together in the same Big Brother house someday to determine who the definitive G.O.A.T. is. Kirby might have finished fourth in the Big Brother 7 All-Star season, but we need to find out who the greatest of these three is.

Until then, we have this group text to fawn over.