Interview: Marty Raney on new season of ‘Homestead Rescue’


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Marty Raney has been helping people survive some of the most dangerous and isolated locations on ‘Homestead Rescue’. However, this season is unlike all others.

Marty Raney is one of the baddest and toughest homesteaders around who has been helping people survive some of the most dangerous and isolated locations. Raney, a craftsman and survival expert, travels the world with his skilled children to help others become sufficient and reliable on his show, Homestead Rescue.

The latest season of Homestead Rescue premiered in June on the Discovery Channel with the Raney family at it again trying to show homesteaders the way of life and whether they are fit for this life or belong back in civilization.

In an exclusive interview, Raney discussed what its like helping people from all over the country, working with his family and what fans can expect on this season.

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Hidden Remote: Marty, how did you end up in Alaska and why was it so important to you to teach your kids how to survive off the grid as well?

Marty Raney: No other word on its own conjures up more intrigue, mystique or adventure than…Alaska. At an early age, I saw a map of the state of Alaska in a National Geographic magazine. It all started there. And now, 43 years later, the Raneys have established an Alaskan legacy based on adventure.

Hidden Remote: Why do you think the number of homesteaders have increased over the years? Seems like more and more people are trying to live on their own?

Marty Raney: Is it inherent? Is it innate? Perhaps. The more technology makes our lives “easier,” the less inclined we are to think, to create and, more importantly, to work. Homesteaders are doomed to fail unless they think, they create, and they work…seven days a week. When some compare the American Dream (and the subtle toll it takes on each member of an American family to achieve it), to a life of living simple, independently, self-sufficiently and closer to the land, the choice for many, is obvious.

Hidden Remote: For those who might not have seen the show, can you tell people a little about the show? 

Marty Raney: A real Alaskan family, father, daughter and son, travel across North America assisting those who have chosen to live off-grid or homestead. The Raneys do no give any handouts, but they do give…a hand up.

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Hidden Remote: In past episodes, I have seen you do everything from traveling across country to working in the middle of no where (snow, dirt, rain, etc). What made you decide to take your family on this adventure?

Marty Raney: The show is a tremendous sacrifice for Misty and Matt. Over ten months straight of helping struggling homesteaders. Hard, sweaty, laborious work. 14 hour days. I quietly monitor the endurance, fatigue, and stress levels of my children. But they’re born and bred Alaskans. They’re tough. And they’ve risen to the challenge. With two more homesteads to visit in Season 2, we are all three going strong. It’s the Alaskan way.

Hidden Remote: What are three of the most important things someone should carry with them when traveling alone?

Marty Raney: Most people would answer: food, water, shelter, but these things pale not to insignificance, but to less significance in a true survival scenario if you haven’t also taken these three items: wits, creativity and resourcefulness.

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Hidden Remote: What can fans expect this season on Homestead Rescue?

Marty Raney: Wits, creativity, and resourcefulness? And possibly some Raney humor. Expect authenticity. Bears. Cougars. Wolves. Snakes. Danger. Risks. Accidents. Expect original building concepts. One-of-a-kind structures. Spontaneous homestead decisions…that sometimes work. Expect an emotional roller coaster. Each and every episode you will laugh out loud. You will also cry. The human story of the homesteaders eclipses the homestead structures. There is no show like this on television.

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Hidden Remote: For fans that don’t get a chance to speak to you like I do, what would you say to them that are super excited for a new season.

Marty Raney: I’m not a big fan of the word…fan. I never use it. Why? Because without those faithful viewers/supporters, this interview doesn’t exist and in this medium, neither do I. The first thing that I say now to everyone is thank you. Viewers will never know how hard we’ve worked to make a show that changes people’s lives and, for me, this has become the peak of privilege, not to mention sharing that privilege with Misty Mae and Matt.

Hidden Remote: How can people get in touch with you, if they are looking for help, survival tips, or just want to tell you that they are a fan?

Marty Raney: They can visit my website at or contact me through my Facebook fan page.

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