‘Tanked’ finale exclusive: Wayde and Brett go head to head in a backyard pond battle


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This Friday on the season finale of ‘Tanked’, Wayde and Brett partake in some friendly competition to see who can created the greatest backyard pond – and we’ve got your exclusive first-look at their creations!

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Things are heating up this week on Tanked and we’re not just talking about the scorching Las Vegas heat! As the season comes to a close, Wayde and Brett partake in a some friendly competition in deciding to go head to head in a battle to see whose family can design and build the most extreme backyard pond.

It all begins, when both Wayde and Brett share their desires to create a custom one of a kind pond for their backyards, which gets the competitive juices flowing. Wayde is convinced that he can deliver the more stunning pond and it doesn’t take much for their conversation to spin into a full-fledged showdown to see who can put their money where their mouth is and create the better backyard pond. While the duo keeps everything about their designs under wraps, we’ve managed to get an early look at the final products which we’re thrilled to share with you today!

Warning: Spoilers ahead! 

As we catch up with the King and Raymer families in our exclusive clip from tonight’s finale, the moment has arrived for Brett and Wayde to show off their backyard creations and it quickly becomes clear that there really is going to be no loser in this pond showdown!

Up first is Brett, whose “Theater in the Park” pond beautifully blends nature and technology with the help of two theater screens, a beautiful waterfall, a torch, and some 3-inch thick acrylic panels. The design is definitely eye-catching and one which puts the space to great use – and even manages to lead Wayde into confessing his pride in Brett’s work.

After the duo hug it out, it’s off to see Wayde’s “King Lagoon,” a 6,500 gallon tank with three different level water feature in the back that create the pond’s water fountain. It’s definitely deserving of its name as the pond manages to transport you to a beautiful lagoon-setting achieved with the help of strategically placed greenery which helps to accent the design.

It’ll be interesting to see who is crowned the victor of the pond battle, but after seeing both designs come together it’s hard to argue that either pond is unworthy of the taking the crown!

Tanked Finale Preview: Pond Reveals from Cody Schultz on Vimeo.

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Which pond managed to impress you the most and which would you love to have in your own backyard? Were you surprised to see what each family managed to whip up? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below!