Interview: Natalie Dreyfuss talks ‘Still the King’ and her all-time dream role


Photographer: Storm Santos

Hair and makeup: Angela Alessi

Styling: Caitlin Eucker

Natalie Dreyfuss is known for her roles in ‘The Originals’ and ‘The Secret Life of an American Teenager’. Hidden Remote caught up with her to discuss her upcoming role as Leia in ‘Still the King.’

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You may not instantly know her by name, but you have definitely seen her on TV. Natalie Dreyfuss has guest-starred in a variety of shows, branching out into all genres. In fact, the ability to work in different genres and roles is something she says makes her love acting in TV so much.

As a journalist, this is one of the easiest interviews ever. Dreyfuss certainly loves to chat—you just have to be fast enough for jotting down notes and transcribing! In a short interview with Dreyfuss, Hidden Remote got to find out more about her upcoming role in Still the King Season 2, along with her favorite role she’s ever done. Oh, and we also put her on the spot to find out what her all-time dream role would ever be.

Hidden Remote: When did you know you wanted to be an actress?

Natalie Dreyfuss: I actually grew up a ballerina and I didn’t want to act at all. It was only when I took an acting class when I was 21 that I realized how much I love it. I wasn’t a child actor.

Hidden Remote: Did not being a child actor make it easier?

Dreyfuss: Oh yeah! Growing up in L.A. I’d seen what it was like. It was just something I never wanted to be a part of.

Hidden Remote: You’ve done so many different roles. What’s it like switching between different styles?

Dreyfuss: I love it! One of my favorite things is to jump into the different genres. I just love being a chameleon. It’s fun to change my look. I’ve been blonde, had the pixie cut; changing hair is a fun thing about being a girl. Even my closest friends find it hard to recognize me.

Each new role is such a stretch. It keeps thing interesting.

Image from Portrait PR

Photographer: Storm Santos

Hair and makeup: Angela Alessi

Styling: Caitlin Eucker

Hidden Remote: What’s been your favorite role so far?

Dreyfuss: Multi-camera comedy in front of a live TV is my favorite. You get four cameras and it’s a great mixture of theater and TV.

In 2008 I did Rita Rocks. It was my first big role and we did 55 episodes, so it was like being a family. I got to grow so much in that role, and I’d love to do something like that again. I want that family again.

Hidden Remote: Still the King is your upcoming role. What can you tell us about your character Leia?

Dreyfuss: Still the King is my most recent and I’ve had so much fun. Leia is super interesting. She’s into the whole paranormal activity and I got to explore my nerd side. I was able to wear my glasses and do something fun.

Leia is super knowledgeable about the science behind everything. She’s obsessed with anything outside the norm, and instantly bonds with Walt. It’s clear we have this chemistry and that we’re made for each other. We’re like Jim and Pam off The Office.

Hidden Remote: Is there a particular scene that you had most fun filming and that you can’t wait for us to see (without spoilers, of course)?

Dreyfuss: There’s an amazing scene that we got to film on Sam McGraw’s property. We got this fake moon, which was amazing. It was a giant 25 foot balloon and there was this big smoke machine. It felt like a totally different planet.

We had the most hilarious costumes. I can’t wait to see the episode on TV. We laughed the whole night. It was just so much fun to do.

Hidden Remote: I saw you have an upcoming TV movie called Brown Girls. Is there anything you can tell us about that?

Dreyfuss: That was actually a pilot we shot for Freeform. It’s now back in development, but that takes time. We’re not expected to film for another year, so there’s not much I’m allowed to say about it.

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Hidden Remote: Totally get it. So the last question; if you could have a choice of any role—past, present, or possible future—what would it be and why?

Dreyfuss: Oh wow! You know what I would die to do? Play Baby in Dirty Dancing. I’ve been dancing my whole life and I would have loved to dance with Patrick Swayze and carry a watermelon. That role would definitely have been something of a dream role.

Still the King Season 2 with Dreyfuss premieres on July 11 at 10/9c on CMT.