‘Supernatural’ recap: 6 best lines from Season 1, Episode 1


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As part of the ‘Supernatural’ rewatch, I heard a lot of lines that have now become iconic in the series. It’s time for a recap best lines countdown.

There are so many memorable and iconic lines in Supernatural. Some of them have only been said once or twice, but they mean far more than just simple sentences to the SPN Family. The Supernatural pilot episode is full of many of those iconic lines. As part of this Supernatural recap, here are the best lines from the first episode, “Pilot.”

It’s going to be hard to do these best lines in order of preference. I’ll do them in order they were spoken instead.

“Dad’s on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days”

It didn’t take too long for the show to get into the iconic lines and overall storyline. The premise we were told was that two brothers were going in hunt on their father. Dean got the honors of telling Sam that their father was missing.

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This was more than just a line. It was the look between the two brothers. Dean lost his playful nature, making it extremely clear to Sam that it was serious before the line was even said. Once Dean told him, Sam instantly stood upright and his whole attitude changed. This was more than just John being out drinking between gigs. There was a serious chance that John could have been dead somewhere, especially considering the case he had gone on.

When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45”

Sam gets the second best line of the episode, with this about how John Winchester raised the two brothers to be hunters. At nine-years-old, Sam was given a gun to protect himself from whatever went bump in the night. Most parents would tell their kids not to be afraid, but John knew better; he knew that there was a risk of a real monster in there.

This was the first look into the life of the Winchesters. It was clear just why Sammy wanted out, but why Dean needed his brother beside him. The two differing personalities were made clear with the whole interaction. Dean was the solider and Sam just wanted to have a normal life.

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole”

Personally, this is my favorite line from the whole episode. It’s the one that I now have on a t-shirt and is the one that I used on my husband when he was just a boyfriend. In fact, it became the rule in my car whenever I gave lifts to anybody.

Not only was this a look at how much Baby meant to Dean (he wouldn’t subject her to bad music) but it was a clear look at the type of guy Dean would be. He loved popular cluture. He was a fan of classic rock, clearly something that he picked up from his dad. This was a guy who would be semi-stuck in the past, while technology and music advanced around him. It was cute and another look at how the brothers’ interests and personalities would differ and clash at times.

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“No chick flick moments”

We got more of a look at Dean’s personality with this, but also the brother’s relationship. After apologizing for everything he had said on the bridge, Sam is interrupted with the simple line from Dean. Eventually, this line would become an iconic part of Dean’s personality. It wasn’t just a way to look cool, but it was a way to avoid conversations that were uncomfortable to him.

The line also led onto the pet names that the Winchester brothers have for each other. They’re great lines, but they wouldn’t have been as great without “no chick flick moments.”

“We talking, like, misdemeanor kind of trouble? Or, uh… “squeal like a pig” trouble?”

Who didn’t love this line? After being picked up by the police, Dean kept his demeanor and cocky attitude while the sheriff threw questions at him. He wasn’t going to show that he was worried about the vengeful spirit or the fact that his dad was missing.

The writers kept this attitude every other time that Dean ran into law enforcement. There have been other excellent lines from when Dean has been questioned, including “I think I’m adorable.” However, this was where it all started and made it clear just what we should expect from Dean Winchester in Supernatural moving forward.

“We got work to go”

After Jess’ death, Sam goes on a mission of his own. He has faced the exact same loss as his father, and he isn’t going to let the demon get away with it. As they pack the car, Dean is clearly worried about his little brother, but Sam ignores it all. There’s just a simple line that tells everyone that this isn’t going to be the end and there are more exciting stories to come.

The first episode was one of the best introductions to a series. It set up the overall storyline, while introducing the two main characters flawlessly. We got to see their personalities, character traits, and strained relationship. Fans certainly weren’t disappointed with the second episode that continued the iconic lines.

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What were your favorite lines from Season 1, Episode 1? Do you agree with the ones in this Supernatural recap? Share them in the comments below.

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