‘Teen Wolf’ 6B: Dylan O’Brien deserves his place in the ‘Teen Wolf’ opening credits


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Fans tuning into the ‘Teen Wolf’ 6B premiere were more than a little surprised to see that Dylan O’Brien had been removed from the opening credits – a move which should be considered a major snub.

Heading into the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf, it was clear that Dylan O’Brien would have a limited role in the final arc of the show’s run due largely to his increasingly busy schedule. However, despite his busy filming schedule for Maze Runner: The Death Cure, O’Brien managed to fit Teen Wolf into his schedule so that he could provide the fans with more of the character that helped to make him a household name and give closure to Stiles’ storyline.

With O’Brien on board for 6B – even if in a limited role, again – all seemed right in the Teen Wolf fandom. Then came the unexpected blow that no fan had seen coming. When the opening credits began to roll in the 6B premiere, Dylan O’Brien was no longer sandwiched in the credits between leads Tyler Posey and Holland Roden. Instead of getting a glance at Stiles, the place in the opening credits was replaced with a shot of Parrish in Hellhound mode. In case you somehow missed it, here’s a look at the previous opening credits versus the 6B credits:


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While the change may seem insignificant, the decision to remove O’Brien from the opening credits was definitely an unnecessary one and fans have every right to view the move as a snub to O’Brien and his beloved character.

Now some may argue that due to his inability to appear in every episode in a large role, the move to remove him from the credits was just. However, O’Brien is more than deserving of having his name continue to appear in the opening credits.

Sure, O’Brien is no longer able to appear in every episode of the show due to his schedule but he still had managed to fit the show into his life in order to appear in a handful of episodes. He could have easily bid the show farewell after the 6A finale (after all he was no longer contractually obligated to appear), but he instead made it his mission to return to the show.

It was because of his loyalty to the show and the Teen Wolf fans that O’Brien fought to fit filming for Teen Wolf‘s final 10 episodes into his crazy schedule and it’s because of that loyalty to the show that O’Brien is more than deserving of his place in the show’s opening credits.

Let’s just hope the MTV brass will realize the error in their ways and switch out the new Teen Wolf opening credits sequence for the one used during the first half of Season 6 so that Dylan O’Brien can regain his rightful place in the show’s opening!

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Were you surprised to see that Dylan O’Brien has been removed from the opening credits when you tuned into the Season 6B premiere? Do you think the MTV team made the wrong decision in removing him from the title sequence or was the move justified by his inability to appear in every episode this season? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below.