‘Animal Kingdom’ season 2, episode 9 recap: Baz starts war


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‘Animal Kingdom’ witnessed Baz make an irreversible decision that could haunt him while Craig made the final preparations for his yacht heist.

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Animal Kingdom is at a crossroads in its short time on air. Viewers have seen the Codys work together throughout the majority of the show. However, now they are fractured, and each one has his or her own agenda to fulfill regardless of the others. This development placed Baz and Craig in precarious situations as they made crucial yet questionable decisions for their next jobs.

Without waiting any longer, here is the official spoiler alert for Animal Kingdom Season 2, Episode 9 “Custody.”

Animal Kingdom saw the Cody brothers jet ski in the ocean to spot the boat for Craig’s yacht job. Back at Deran’s bar, Craig (Ben Robson) explained the details of the plan rather hurriedly. Baz (Scott Speedman) objected to the entire job, especially once J (Finn Cole) told everyone that Nikki (Molly Gordon) had a role in the heist. Baz left the job although the team needed him to speak Spanish for a part of the job. Outside the bar Baz spoke to Pope (Shawn Hatosy) about his suspicions pertaining to Smurf (Ellen Barkin). He asked for Pope’s loyalty, and Pope reluctantly pledged it.

Deran (Jake Weary) and Craig discussed a replacement for Baz. Craig suggested Marco (J.J. Soria), Lucy’s brother. They resorted to other options before they finally chose Marco. Marco declined the initial offer, but Deran and Craig decided to get Marco to agree to the job while drunk. Marco agreed on the condition that Deran and Craig do a heroin job with him in exchange. Meanwhile, Smurf assigned J the task to pay the rent for a few properties.

Credit: Eddy Chen/ Turner Press Site

However, Baz diverted J’s mission. Instead, J joined Baz on his own job, which consisted of robbing Smurf’s storage unit. Baz explained to J that Smurf did not truly care for him. She treated him just as she treated Baz. Therefore, Baz persuaded J to work with him and not tell anyone about this job. Later on, Baz confided in Lucy (Carolina Guerra) that this scheme was his way to start a war with Smurf. By the end of the episode, Baz escaped with a hefty sum of Smurf’s money.

Smurf engaged in her own plans to secure her future. First, she made a deal with Deran and Craig to aid the yacht robbery in terms of the money. Next, she received a phone call from one of her friends about an old friend. She arrived at a building to find Jake (Jack Conley) in the shower. She tasered him and interrogated him afterwards about her money. He gave Smurf a safe combination, but she found a substantially smaller amount than what Jake stole. Although Jake thought Smurf would kill him, she shot him in the right knee cap instead. She cited that her mercy resulted due to his being Craig’s father. After Smurf obtained some retribution, she discovered her empty storage locker as she pondered the identity of the culprit.

Credit: Eddy Chen/ Turner Press Site

Finally, Pope experienced a rough patch in his relationship with Amy (Jennifer Landon). She fought with her brother outside her apartment over her son. Pope grabbed Amy’s brother to stop the confrontation, but she broke up the two men. Next, her brother dropped off her son’s dog because it became too much of a hassle to care for at home along with Amy’s son. Devastated at this reality, Amy yelled at Pope, but he comforted her. Next, Amy and Pope had sex with each other to escape from the stressful situation and help each other.

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Animal Kingdom set the groundwork for the remainder of the season. The slow but intriguing episode showed how fractured the Codys are at the moment. Everyone seems in a precarious position without the aid of their family. J is in the middle of an impending war between Baz and Smurf while Deran and Craig seem a little naive in their first heist on their own.

Animal Kingdom airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TNT. Be sure to tune in!