15 best TV show pets in television history

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14. Marcel from Friends

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In later interviews we learned how much of a little terror the monkey that portrayed Marcel was on the set of Friends, but was that really a surprise when you put a monkey on TV? He gets extra points for being such an odd choice for a pet on a pretty standard comedy sitcom. Keeping a monkey in a New York apartment sounds like a bad idea in reality, but the show made him look pretty cute. The relationship between him and Ross was bitter-sweet when Marcel had to leave the show. In the most unlikely of events, Marcel had to go off and become a movie star; co-starring with the likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Marcel was probably the closest thing to one of the friends having a child until the later seasons when they all started families.

13. Dino from The Flintstones

Dino was basically the Flintstones’ dog, just in the time of dinosaurs. He was actually identified as a Snorkasaurus. He became well-known for being a little bit over exuberant when it came to greeting his loved ones. Dino became the family pet when he followed Fred home from work one day. He is a big sloppy lovable purple dinosaur who only gets in trouble for loving too much. Not quite talkative, he does come close to forming words sometimes. Dino does get a few chances of love and romance outside of the family, but it usually doesn’t work out for him. Dino bonds the most with the children, often rescuing them from danger and playing with Pebbles and Bam-Bam.