The Sinner season 1, episode 3 recap: Secrets unravel


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The Sinner continues to unravel new facts about Cora and what could lead her to murder someone.

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This week’s episode of The Sinner opens with Cora having a dream about her son walking right out the front door when she abruptly wakes up. For Harry Ambrose, things start off on a lighter note with him on a hike with his wife. From there, we pick up with the psych evaluation that the judge ordered for her. When the results come in, Ambrose visits the psych doctor and mentions Cora attacking him the same way she killed Freddie. The doctor then mentions PTSD psychosis, which could be what she suffers from.

More secrets come out about Cora and her life before Mason. She was addicted to heroin and stayed with her aunt when she reappeared. Ambrose pieces this together and that’s when things get interesting. He hunts down the man who took her to the rehab facility, Caleb Walker. From there, he deduces that Cora didn’t get herself hooked on heroin, instead someone else did. Even though all of this comes out in one episode, it feels like it’s perfectly paced. It never feels rushed and you’re never lacking for more twists in this show.

The flashbacks in this episode give us a better indication of what Cora and Phoebe’s relationship was really like. Not to mention, we see her parents in the present day and what the mom thinks of her just doesn’t line up with the flashbacks really. Plus, you really start to feel bad for Cora and how harsh he mom is on her even in the present day. You can even see Cora debating on changing her plea until she turns around to see her parents, but especially, her mom sitting there.

Photo Credit: The Sinner/USA Image Acquired from NBC Media Village

One thing that remains unexplained, is the scar on Cora’s head that her aunt brings to our attention. Ambrose brings up the heroin addiction, but not that. So with that, there are still some questions surrounding her disappearance five years ago when some sort of trauma clearly happened to her. A lot of the story remains with five more episodes left.

While this whole story largely revolves around Cora, Mason has a brief moment of his own here. He goes to find J.D. at a bar and when he returns, picks a fight with him. At the risk of losing her job, Officer Sullivan goes to pick him up after the incident. She’s been very understanding of his situation the entire time and it’s nice to see Mason find some semblance of a friendship during this.

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Overall, this show continues to unravel interesting new tidbits that keep you wishing you could just have the next episode now. This show is one that I think people should absolutely be watching if you’re into psychological thrillers.

The Sinner airs Wednesday nights on the USA Network. Be sure to tune in!