The Flash Season 3 Blu-Ray review: What to expect & why it’s worth buying!


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As The Flash Season 3 races onto Blu-Ray and DVD, we’re taking a look at what the 4-disc collection has to offer and what makes it a must-have collection!

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From executive producers Greg BerlantiAndrew Kreisberg, Aaron Helbing, Todd Helbing and Sarah Schechter and based on the characters from DC comes The Flash Season 3 on Blu-Ray and DVD, a 4-disc collection jam-packed with bonus features as well as each of the show’s 23 Season 3 episodes!

"“After three seasons, The Flash continues to score in ratings and ranks as the top series for The CW,” said Rosemary Markson, WBHE Senior Vice President, TV Marketing. “Loaded with both in-depth and exclusive new bonus content, both fans of the show and DC fanboys will be eager to add the Blu-ray or DVD release to their collections.”"

Thanks to our friends at Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, we were lucky enough to receive an advance copy of the release in order to bring you an in-depth look at what to expect from the 4-disc set before exploring whether you should be adding it to you collection!

About the Release – What to Expect

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About the Season

Photo Credit: The Flash: The Complete Third Season/Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Image Acquired from Warner Bros. PR

After racing back into time and saving his mother only to go back and reverse things, Barry inadvertently created a new timeline of events and Flashpoint was created. Through the Flashpoint, little details about the lives of Barry and those closest to him were forever changed causing a rift between Team Flash early in the season. However, a much larger threat lurked in the shadows in the form of the Speed God Savitar who showed Barry a future where he would kill Iris setting up for the ultimate showdown in which Barry and Team Flash worked tirelessly to change the timeline to save Iris while also bringing an end to Savitar’s reign of terror.

"“In Season Three, Barry faces the unknown – as he irrevocably alters the timeline by saving his mother from the clutches of the Reverse-Flash,” Warner Bros. teases of its latest release. “The only question now is – as he wrestles with the consequences of his own Flashpoint Paradox, including the wrathful Speed God Savitar – will he be able to find a way out?”"

Disc by Disc Line-Up

Disc 1

  • Episode 1, “Flashpoint”
  • Episode 2, “Paradox”
  • Episode 3, “Magenta”
  • Episode 4, “The New Rogues”
    • Deleted Scene
  • Episode 5, “Monster”
  • Episode 6, “Shade”
  • Villain School: The Flash Rogues
    • In this bonus feature, fans can get a look at the various new villains introduced in Season 3 and how they were brought to life!

Disc 2

  • Episode 7, “Killer Frost”
  • Episode 8, “Invasion!”
    • Deleted Scene
  • Episode 9, “The Present”
    • Deleted Scene
  • Episode 10, “Borrowing Problems from the Future”
    • Deleted Scene
  • Episode 11, “Dead or Alive”
  • Episode 12, “Untouchable”
  • Allied: The Invasion! Complex Special Feature
    • Find out how this year’s crossover came to be with a look at the making of the 3-part crossover event.

Disc 3

  • Episode 13, “Attack on Gorilla City”
  • Episode 14, “Attack on Central City”
  • Episode 15, “The Wrath of Savitar ”
    • Deleted Scene
  • Episode 16, “Into the Speed Force”
  • Episode 17, “Duet”
    • Deleted Scene
  • Episode 18, “Abra Kadabra”
  • Rise of Gorilla City Special Feature
    • The 2-part Gorilla Grodd centric episodes were among the season’s most visually stunning which was a testament to the incredible work done by the show’s visual effects team. Through this bonus feature, you can get an in-depth look at the magic behind the episode and the creation of Gorilla City.
  • The Flash: Hitting the Fast NoteSpecial Feature
    • Another high note of the season was the special musical crossover with Supergirl, in the first of the disc’s four musical episode features fans get to see how the concept for the episode was developed.
  • The Flash: I’m Your Super Friend Special Feature
    • Through this feature, fans are treated with a special tribute to the episode’s “Super Friend” duet.
  • Harmony in a Flash Special Feature
    • Find out how composer Blake Neely worked to arrange the score for the musical crossover to deliver a fun and memorable musical hour.
  • Synchronicity in a Flash Special Feature
    • Rounding out our quartet of “Duet” inspired bonus features we have a fun feature that follows Neely’s work with a live orchestra to lay down the music of the episode.

Disc 4

  • Episode 19, “The Once and Future Flash”
  • Episode 20, “I Know Who You Are”
    • Deleted Scene
  • Episode 21, “Cause and Effect”
  • Episode 22, “Intantino Street”
  • Episode 23, “Finish Line”
    • Deleted Scenes
  • The Flash: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
    • Relive the fun of the show’s 2016 San Diego Comic-Con panel through this special feature.
  • A Flash in Time: Time Travel In The Flash Universe Special Feature
    • Flashpoint played a major role in the season, so what better time to take a look at how the writers used the iconic comic book storyline for inspiration.
  • A Conversation with Andrew Kriesberg and Kevin Smith Special Feature
    • Join Kriesberg and guest director Smith for a look at how Smith approaches directing The Flash and Supergirl. 
  • Gag Reel

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Final Thoughts – Should You Buy It?

Photo Credit: The Flash/The CW Image Acquired from CWTVPR

Let’s all be honest, The Flash Season 3 was by far the show’s weakest season not because of the storylines or character arcs but due to the extremely dark tone the season took. What always made The Flash so great was the show’s lighter tone which unfortunately was overshadowed by the doom and gloom approach to the season. If we’re looking at the season as a whole, I can understand why fans would be skeptical to purchase Season 3 on Blu-Ray or DVD. However, what the season itself lacked in lighter moments, the Blu-Ray collection more than makes up for via its 2-plus hours of bonus content!

This set is full of fun features fans are sure to enjoy and the team was wise to focus on the season’s strongest points in developing its bonus feature lineup.

We have an incredible feature which looks at the special effects work that went into creating Gorilla City during the 2-part Gorilla Grodd episodes. Then we have four wonderful features built around showing the magic that went into creating the show’s special musical crossover hour as well as the show’s portion of this year’s crossover event.

In addition to all of the must-see bonus features, the collection still manages to incorporate fan favorite bonus features including deleted scenes, the show’s 2016 SDCC panel and a much-needed gag reel.

While Season 3 wasn’t the show’s strongest, the same can most definitely cannot be said of The Flash:The Complete Third Season set which manages to exceed expectations making this a title no collector will want to miss!

Make sure to pick up your copy of The Flash: The Complete Third Season beginning Tuesday, September 5 where Blu-Rays and DVDs are sold!