Outlander Season 3, Episode 2 recap: Jamie comes home, Claire becomes a surgeon


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Except for a quick image of Claire in Lallybroch, there is no Jamie/Claire reunion. That definitely doesn’t mean a boring episode. We’ll just have to wait a little longer for them to reunite in Outlander Season 3.

By the end of the episode, all I could think was how I felt for poor Fergus. Granted he has a bad habit of running his mouth off, but the British soldiers went way too far. Although, I do have to say that the British corporal was hilarious with his zealous attitude against our favorite Scottish family.

Just what happened in Outlander Season 3, Episode 2?

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Meet Scruffy Jamie

The episode opens six years after Culloden. Jamie is back home in Lallybroch, but it’s not entirely a good thing. As a traitorous Jacobite, he can’t just hang around in the house. He’s living in a cave, and has been doing for the last six years, it seems.

When British soldiers turn up at the door, Ian and Jenny refuse to tell them where Jamie is. They claim they have no knowledge, and the kids remain quiet. Who are the kids? We have Rabbie (the kid that had been taken from his father when Claire visited Lallybroch), Young Ian, Jenny’s son, and Fergus. There’s no sign or mention of the daughter, Margaret, Jenny had, but she is pregnant again.

Since the British don’t get their man, they take Ian into custody. This isn’t the first time, we learn. They can’t hold him for long, though.

But Jamie isn’t happy with everything that’s happening for his sake. And he’s barely talking. He doesn’t need to say a word; we can see the pain in his eyes.

Claire remembers Jamie

In 1949, Claire struggles to let go of the past. In bed one night, she has visions of Jamie, as if they’re happening right in front of her. The next day, she’s reading about Ireland’s break from British rule, when Frank gets out of the shower. There’s a slight spark, and Claire decides she needs to be with him again.

Unfortunately, she’s not quite there. As Frank says, “When I’m with you, I’m with you. But when you’re with me, you’re with him.” Frank wants his wife and is unwilling to be a substitute for another man. This guy is growing a back bone and it’s good to see, even if it means they’re in a loveless marriage and we later find they’re in separate beds.

Fergus taunts the Redcoats

Back in 1752, Jamie comes to Lallybroch to help with the ledgers in time to collect the rents. When he gets there, he learns Jenny has gone into labor.

That would be fine, if it wasn’t for a raven landing. Apparently ravens are messengers of death, so they need to get rid of it before it risks the baby’s life. Rather than throw a stone, Fergus grabs a pistol and shoots it dead. It’s an excellent shot, but weapons aren’t allowed and the Redcoats hear the shot. It brings them to the door, just after the birth of a healthy baby boy.

Jamie is forced to hide in another room with the baby, while the Redcoats search for the pistol. Luckily, Mary, the maidservant, now has it and is able to hand it over. She claims she shot the raven to get rid of the death warning, but she and Jenny claim it was no use as the baby was stillborn. The Redcoats are appeased for now, but the over-zealous corporal makes it clear he doesn’t believe anything.

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Later, after Ian’s return, Fergus goes to see Jamie. Realizing he’s being followed (laughably badly by the corporal and a private), Fergus starts to lead them in circles and taunts them. All Jamie can do is watch, as Fergus is held down by the Redcoats and loses a hand for his insolence. The Redcoats just leave him to bleed out.

Luckily, Jamie is there to hold off the flow of blood and get Fergus back to the house. He’ll be okay, but Fergus reminds Jamie of a promise made in France. Of course, Jamie is not going to leave Fergus now; this boy is set up for life. Did Fergus really think anything differently?

While what happened to Fergus is awful, it’s just what Jamie needed. Finally, after years of holding it in, he breaks down to Jenny. All she can do is hold him, as he lets out all the emotions he’s kept deep inside of him for six years. It’s heartbreaking, knowing that he believes Claire is never coming back to him and he has no life without her.

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It does mean one thing. Jamie can’t let his family keep risking their lives and their home. He needs to do something and tells Jenny and Ian to turn him in to get the reward money (and get the Redcoats of their back). While Jenny isn’t happy, Ian makes a point that Jacobites are no longer executed but left to live out their days in prison. But this is Red Jamie we’re talking about. Will they really let him remain in prison when he’s already known for escaping them?

Claire becomes a surgeon

We knew it would happen, but we needed to see it. Outlander Season 3, Episode 2 sees Claire go to school with the aim to become a surgeon. It’s clear nobody is happy about women being allowed to become doctors. To make matters worse (for the time), the professor is annoyed there’s also a “Negro” in the class.

It’s not really that surprising when the men (well, more like boys) walk in and ostracize Claire for being a woman. The “Negro?” Well, his name is Joe Abernathy and he instantly makes friends with Claire. It’s going to be fun to see these two stick together in a world that is against them, but why do I get the feeling of Grey’s Anatomy with Ellis Grey and Richard Webber? Will the two find themselves as more than friends?

Jamie returns home

Okay, so Jamie has already been home, but the end of the episode sees him walking in as if he’s not been back in six year Before that can happen, Mary visits him at his cave to make sure he gets one more night of sex before he goes to prison. Jamie is initially apprehensive. He’s already told Jenny that he’ll never marry again (Jenny believes Claire is dead, of course), but Mary doesn’t want pure intimacy. She wants him to feel some sort of release. Oh, and she wants to help him cut his hair and get rid of the beard, so he looks more like himself.

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When all that is over, he walks into Lallybroch, announcing his return. Jenny nervously watches as the Redcoats surround him and pay her for her support for the Crown. The two scream, with Jenny warning Jamie that she will never forgive him for not giving her a choice. While the Redcoats thing it’s about turning him in, Jamie knows that Jenny won’t forgive him for convincing her to get her brother locked up.

As we watch Jamie hauled away, we’re left wondering just what will be next. How can he get from prison to the print shop for the scene all Outlander book fans are waiting for?

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