Where we left off: Hawaii Five-0 season 7, episode 25


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Hawaii Five-0 stands ready to begin its eighth season on Friday, September 29. The crime procedural firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the CBS line-up. Not only has it remained a success on Friday nights (usually seen as a death slot), but the series also holds its own in the network’s sea of successful police dramas.

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Last season’s finale saw the Five-0 team continuing to take on a sex-trafficking ring who made their lives difficult earlier in the season. Kono (Grace Park) received a call from Moani (Mackenzie Aladjem), a girl they previously rescued from the gang. It seems she remembered a vital piece of information pointing them back to a man named Deon (Rick Otto). Further discoveries by the team eventually lead them to discover that Deon is actually at the helm of yet another ring.

The investigation quickly pointed them to Deon as their person of interest. However, he’s onto the team just as quickly. As such, the episode was a cat and mouse game. The Five-0 team couldn’t seem to catch him. As the season finale built toward its conclusion, Deon jumped into a semi truck. To make matters worse, he packed his teenage victims in the back of the truck. Soon he led Five-0 on a break-neck chase across the island.

The final two acts of the episode included some of the best stunt work of the season as Five-0 struggled to bring the speeding semi to a stop. They were only able to gain an advantage when McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) jumped from a bridge and landed on the back of the truck. With the assistance of a cell-phone jammer, they were able to evacuate most of the girls before Deon discovered what was going on. McGarrett finally brought the situation to a safe and satisfying conclusion when he unhooked the truck bed from the cab. There was a tense moment, but all the girls managed to escape safety.

While the episode built, the characters each dealt with their own storylines. Kono stood as the main focus of the episode. Finally happy and secure in her relationship with Adam (Ian Anthony Dale), she was seen buying a pregnancy test in the first act. However, her maternal yearnings clashed with her police work. Kono found herself particularly affected as McGarrett described the sheer and graphic extent of the sex-trafficking problem around the country. How can she raise a child in a world like this? As the ending credits roll, the episode ends on a cliffhanger as Kono boarded a plane for the mainland.

Meanwhile, the other characters were as happy as viewers have seen them before. Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) was drowning in contentedness in his relationship with Abby (Julie Benz). While Jerry (Jorge Garcia) finally earned the badge he’d begged for since Season 4. Finally, McGarrett and Danny (Scott Caan) were their usual selves. The two men spent the episode bickering like a married couple. It seems Steve brought Danny a personalized chef’s hat, much to his partner’s annoyance.

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The upcoming premiere stands to be a shake-up. The unexpected departure of series co-stars Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim surprised audiences when the news broke this summer. In their absence the series upped actor Ian Anthony Dale to a series regular and actress Meaghan Rath is also set to join the cast.

Hawaii Five-0 saw changes this summer. How will the veteran police procedural change things up to compensate? Don’t forget to tune in and find out.

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9/8c on CBS. Previous seasons of the show stream on Netflix.