Cassidy Watton talks CMT’s Broken Skull Challenge, Skull Buster, goals & more


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In this exclusive interview, Broken Skull Challenge star Cassidy Watton discusses her journey to the show, conquering the Skull Buster, what she wants to achieve in Season 5 and much more.

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A number of incredible athletes have made their mark on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge during the show’s three-year run, but fewer have been as dominant as Cassidy Watton since she first showed up in Season 3. She has run through everyone who has stepped up to challenge her these last two seasons and will look to do the same as Season 5 gets underway.

Before Cassidy continues to crush the competition and maintain her spot on top on Broken Skull Challenge, get to know her like never before in this exclusive interview where she talks about what motivated her to try out for the show, her experience with the Skull Buster, what she wishes to accomplish in Season 5, and much more.

What motivated you to try out for Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge and why did you think you’d be a good fit for it?

Cassidy Watton: I first applied for BSC for Season 3 in 2015. I applied on a whim because a friend who had been in Season 1, Alexander Nicolas, suggested I apply. I had never seen the show but after YouTubing some clips, went ahead and applied. I knew I was a well-rounded athlete, but I didn’t necessarily understand at the time, just how good of a fit I was for this competition. I think Alex had a hunch, though. I certainly had the Obstacle Race and overall fitness experience and hoped pure grit would get me through the combat portions.

How has Season 5 compared to past seasons in terms of how challenging it’s been for you?

Watton: Season 5 has been the most challenging so far. I cannot say much about it, but it is the toughest yet. Not only is the Skull Buster and the actual challenges more difficult, but I have the pressure of being the returning champ. To defend is more difficult physically and emotionally than to win initially.

Is there a friendly competition among the rest of the participants or is it every person for themselves? 

Watton: I think every episode has a different experience, but in all of my experiences, off camera a lot of us end up bringing friends. When it comes time to compete, we all put our game faces on and shoot to kill, but before and after that point, we all talk and have laughs.

What tips would you give anyone aspiring to join the Broken Skull Challenge? 

Watton: Work on three things: Brute strength, build an incredible engine for intense burst of 30 seconds up to 10 minutes and learn some grappling!

Is the Skull Buster every bit as taxing as it has been made out to be by past competitors, or is the fear of attempting to conquer it greater than the Skull Buster itself? 

Watton: The Skull Buster is every bit as taxing as it looks… as it should be. Any time you complete a true all-out effort, you should be completely taxed. However, I think the added pressure of cameras, and thought of what you have to gain or lose adds an extra element. Another huge factor that isn’t talked about is the heat. It’s usually about 90 degrees on set.

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After achieving so much in previous seasons, what are you looking to prove in Season 5? 

Watton: As returning Champ in Season 5, I am not looking to prove anything, but I would sure like to remain champ! It’s great to win money, but the pride that comes with being on top, in a competition you respect so much, it’s an amazing feeling I hope to hold on to. Either way, as long as I can tell myself at the end of the day that I did everything I possibly could have to win, I can be happy with that and enjoy the experience.

Season 5 of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CMT.