History Channel sets The Curse of Oak Island premiere date


Photo Credit: Curse of Oak Island/A&E Press Center

History Channel saw a surprise hit in 2014 when they debuted The Curse of Oak Island. Three years later, the little show that could continues to be a solid (if not frustrating) performer for the network.

Today, the History Channel announced that The Curse of Oak Island would indeed be returning for a fifth season. The series will drop into its usual Tuesday night slot, with episodes beginning November 7.

The Curse of Oak Island follows the earnestly likable brothers, Rick and Marty Lagina. Together, the brothers lead a team in search of clues (and treasure!) relating to the mysterious past of Oak Island.

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Oak Island sits just off the coast of Nova Scotia. The history of Oak Island is one of legend. Events dating back to the 1700s led treasure hunters and others to believe that the patch of ground is home to Knights Templar treasure, as well as an untold number of other goodies.

Over the past four seasons, The Curse of Oak Island  proved itself to be delightfully addictive, but frustrating popcorn television. Each season, the team finds fascinating kernels pointing to something much larger and shinier on the island. However, with each passing year the team comes up just a little short.

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As Season 4 came to a close, the fate of the series seemed very much up in the air. While the show continues to be a solid ratings winner for the History Channel (averaging 5.4 million viewers an episode), the finale ended on a deflating note. A number of exciting clues kept the excitement high last fall, but the team ended up just short once again. The financial commitment from not only the History Channel, but also the Lagina Brothers continues to rise with each passing season. Could they continue providing funding, with success always seeming just another tunnel away?

Check back for more on The Curse of Oak Island in the weeks leading to the November premiere.