NCIS: 15 Reasons we’ll always love Abby Sciuto


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After 15 seasons as forensic specialist Abby Sciuto, Pauley Perrette is set to hang up her lab coat so it seemed only fitting to celebrate some of the many reasons why we love her fan-favorite NCIS character!

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From the moment we first met Abby Sciuto back in the backdoor pilot for NCIS, we knew she would manage to find a special place in the hearts of viewers worldwide. With her lovable personality and crazy quirks, Abby is unlike any forensic scientist we’ve ever known and it’s her unique personality and those little quirks that have helped fans to fall in love with her over the years.

In the last 15 years, Abby has ascended from a cooky scientist to one of the most beloved characters on television. It’s hard to imagine NCIS without her, but all good things must come to an end – including Abby’s time on the show.

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As we prepare to say goodbye to Abby Scuito after all of the years, it seemed like a fitting time to celebrate a few of the many reasons Abby will always hold a special place in our heart and why we love her as much as we do!

1. She’s gifted us with the likes of Caf Pow and Bert the farting hippo

NCIS has managed to forever leave its mark on pop culture to gift us with several iconic symbols including Caf Pow and Bert the farting hippo, both of which would have never been as impactful on the fandom if not for Abby.

2. She never gives up

If there is one lesson fans have learned from Abby over the years, it’s to never give up. Sure there were times when Abby felt defeated – she is human after all – but she always found a way to persevere and break the case.


3. She’s the ultimate definition of a friend

One can only hope to have a friend as encouraging and supportive as Abby Sciuto! Abby is the ultimate definition of the friend who is always there to lend a hand, offer up some words of encouragement (or a shoulder to cry on) and champion your successes.

4. She tells it like it is

No matter the person or occasion, Abby is never one to stray away from the truth and is one of the few people you can rely upon to always tell it like it is!


5. She gives the best hugs

No matter the occasion, Abby is always ready to open her arms to her NCIS colleagues be it in celebration of a break in the case, a warm embrace in the darkest of hours or simply a show of support and comfort, no one gives better hugs than Abby.

6. She can brighten even the darkest of days

Perhaps her strongest assets to the team, aside from her incredible forensic skills, is her positive attitude and infectious smile which can help to brighten even the darkest of days – which come around quite often in the NCIS offices.

7. No one does her job better

It goes without saying that Abby is truly irreplaceable! Even when given the smallest bit of evidence to work with, Abby finds a way to break the case and often is the member of the team who swoops in to save the day just when it seems that the case has hit a stalwart.

8. Her many wonderful quirks

Over the years as we’ve come to know Abby more and more, we’ve fallen in love for her countless quirks such as her love for Halloween, passion for Caf Pows, use of umbrellas as a fashion accessory or enjoyment of bowling with nuns. They’re what make Abby Abby and we won’t change a thing about her.


9. She’s not afraid to put technology in its place

We’ve all been on the receiving end of technology’s wrath be it through a printer which won’t print the document we needed five minutes ago or a computer which never seems to work right when we need it to. It’s an everyday occurrence that Abby too has had to deal with but unlike us, Abby is never afraid of putting technology in its place in order to get the job done!

10. Her iconic look

No one rocks the “goth” look quite like Abby and her iconic look is one of the many reasons we love her as we do. Abby just wouldn’t be Abby without her signature platform boots, some punk jewelry and plenty of black attire!


11. She’s the ultimate team player

Over the years, Abby has partnered with countless members of the NCIS team and from outside the  NCIS offices and always makes for the ultimate partner in crime. She knows how to use her partner’s strengths to the best of their abilities and is the ultimate cheerleader throughout the entire process.

12. She’ll always be Gibbs’ No. 1 gal

The relationship between Gibbs and Abby has been one of the show’s strongest assisted throughout the years. Gibbs and Abby share a special relationship unlike none other on show and the chemistry between Mark Harmon and Perrette is second to none.

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13. She’s taught us it’s okay to be different and to love ourselves

To say Abby is unlike anyone we’ve ever met before might be an understatement as she’s truly one of a kind. Abby embraces her uniqueness and reminds us episode after episode that it’s okay to be different from those around you as long as you love yourself. Abby doesn’t let anyone’s opinions stop her from living her best life and is a constant reminder that the key to happiness is being true to yourself.

14. She treats everyone the same

In addition to reminding us that it’s okay to be different and always love yourself, Abby is a constant reminder of the importance of treating people as you would want to be treated and never treating someone differently because they may not look or dress the same way as you. Abby has never met a stranger and always treats the individuals in her life with the same love and respect no matter their age, race, gender, etc.


15. She’s the glue that has kept the team together

Perhaps the reason it’s so hard to imagine NCIS without Abby is the fact that through thick and thin, Abby has been the glue keeping the NCIS family together throughout the years. Whenever the times got rough, Abby was the one to pull the team through as a continued beacon of hope and good will.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS. 

What is it about Abby Sciuto that has made you fall in love with her over the years? Can you imagine NCIS without Abby? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below!