Modern Family season nine, episode three recap: Catch of the Day


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Modern Family’s third episode, “Catch of the Day,” sees the Pritchett clan taking on the challenges of the day. The ninth season has so far been one of transition as children move out, and some members of the family enter different stages in life.

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Modern Family opens on a new day. There’s a knock at the door. A grinning Claire (Julie Bowen) opens the door to find a rough-looking Haley (Sarah Hyland). Apparently their oldest daughter is going through an irresponsible phase… she keeps loosing her keys. Claire, being the caring parent she is, has taken to letting her daughter sleep outside.

Later, Claire works in the kitchen and looks up to see an equally rough-looking Phil (Ty Burrell) stumble towards the table. Apparently, every morning her husband starts the day with an underwear kick. It’s his superstition. However, this morning he dropped his underwear. In the past, every time he dropped his underwear, something catastrophic happens. What is he in for today?

Meanwhile, Jay (Ed O’Neill) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) bicker inside their own kitchen. Apparently, he noticed a brand new dent in her car. Did she get into an accident? However, she won’t admit it.

At the same time, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) find themselves in mid remodel of their kitchen. A giddy looking Mitchell enters, it seems the bag boy at the grocery store said he looks like an old Prince Harry. However, Cameron has other priorities. His sister (Dana Powell) is having a fascinating… and dirty… conversation in another room. While the men talk, the insecurities to their relationship emerge as workmen exit from another room. To Mitchell’s disdain, they never talk to him… they always speak to Cam. Furthermore, their foreman Francisco always calls Cam, “Boss.”  Is Mitch not authoritative enough?

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Later, Jay finds himself struggling to find the answer he needs. Desperate to prove his wife wrong, he goes to find Joe (Jeremy Maguire). Did Mom wreck the car? However, it seems Gloria got to the five-year old. Joe doesn’t spill the beans… even with the promise of ice cream dangling in front of him.

Meanwhile, Phil is having a heck of a day. Things just keep growing steadily worse for him. First he falls out a window… then comes the paper cut. Finally, as Phil and Claire leave for a Steely Dan concert, the circle becomes complete. They are attacked by a rabid squirrel. When Phil throws the keys to Claire, the keys bounce into a near-by truck and it speeds off.

At the same time, Haley is realizing that she doesn’t need her phone. There’s a real life to live out there. She smells flowers. She even finds an old book in her golf cart… did they ever kill that mockingbird?

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Later, Mitch and Cam are still struggling with Pam’s dirty calls. While Cam is convinced she’s texting a prisoner from home, it turns out he’s wrong. It’s called a phone sex line, Cam.

Meanwhile, Jay pays a visit to Manny (Rico Rodriguez). It turns out, he misses having his stepson around when Gloria gets like this. After all, even Manny knows his mother won’t admit when she’s wrong.

However, Jay soon returns home to an emotional Gloria. He was right. She did get into an accident. Jay looks around, stunned at the sudden nature of her revelation. He quickly goes to locate Stella.

Phil and Claire are desperate to get to that concert. However, Haley has their spare keys. They hurry to the country club to grab them. There’s one small problem, she’s parked at the far side of the driving range. To make matters even worse, Gill Thorpe (Rob Riggle) is there. Vowing to take one for the team (despite his curse), Phil makes a run across the golf ball filled no man’s land towards his daughter’s golf cart. He’s hammered with balls as he runs. Much to his surprise, he finds a much changed Haley waiting for him. He raises a surprised eyebrow, “Is that a book?”.

Across town, Mitch and Cam finally ask Francisco why Cam is “Boss.” They look around sheepishly as they learn that his name isn’t actually Francisco… it’s Fernando. Furthermore, the only reason he calls Cam boss is because he can’t remember his name…

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However, as the episode comes to a close, Haley’s getting ready to say goodbye. Her new phone came in. As she picks up the new smart phone, she’s suddenly back to normal.

Modern Family airs Wednesday nights on ABC. Previous episodes stream on Hulu.