Hawaii Five-0 season 8, episode 3 recap: Your Knife, My Back. My Gun, Your Head


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Despite its casting changes over the summer, Hawaii Five-0 premiered after its fall hiatus, seemingly without missing a step. With a few small additions, most of the formula seems unchanged, and the series continues its run of success on Friday nights.

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Hawaii Five-0 opens inside the restaurant. McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) is hard at work sanding the wooden facade. However, Danny (Scott Caan) enters, quickly stopping him. It seems there are swatches Steve needs to see. Fabric swatches. McGarrett stares at the board… they’re all red. Danny smirks. Of course his ignorant, untrained eye would see all red… one is garnet. Luckily Danny already ordered the garnet. The conversation stops as a cell phone rings. Steve looks to Danny, “You’ll never guess who’s in town”.

Later, the men walk along the beach as Harry Langford (Chris Vance) climbs out of the water, displaying all his super-spy glory in a pair of surprisingly short trunks. They men casually chat about retirement. How much could they really do on a police officer’s pension? However, the moment is short as they’re called to a crime scene…

Photo Credit: Hawaii Five-0/CBS Image Acquired from CBS Press Express

Across town, the police and Five-0 have already descended on a warehouse. Inside, bodies litter the room. This is most definitely a gangland hit…

Later, the team gather around the screen at headquarters. Tani (Meaghan Rath) talks the group through some witness footage detailing the crimes of the viscous Okada gang. While they talk, Jerry (Jorge Garcia) bursts in. It turns out, he might have cracked the hit. He pulls up a photograph of a young waitress. Could the woman have set up the gang?

While McGarrett and Danny work with Langford, Tani and Lou (Chi McBride) pay a visit to Derek Okada (Derek Mio). The boy’s father (and head of the crime syndicate) died in the hit. While the young man claims to be innocent, he seethes in anger, vowing to avenge his father’s death.

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Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danny stake out a local bar with Langford’s assistance. Could the former super spy be getting a bit rusty? As the police listen from the car, Langford makes contact with an island gun runner. However, it seems that wasn’t part of the plan. A fight breaks out as Langford is lured into a trailer. It seems the secret agent is the furthest thing from rusty.

Danny and McGarrett give chase, but by the time they get there, Langford has it handled. The three men launch into questioning, but the bad guys refuse to give any answers…

They clearly get the answers they need as Five-0 quickly find themselves in the middle of a gun battle. Despite the fire-power in the hands of the bad guys, Five-0 easily comes out on top. They bring their survivors back to the station for some real questioning.

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They huddle back up at the station as Langford chats up Tani. She must be new to the job, she’s not dead behind the eyes like the rest of the team.

Later, the team investigates a local hotel room. Inside they stumble upon a dead body… she’s still warm. This is Annie, the waitress they were looking for

Meanwhile, Tani and Lou visit the house of a man who reported a stolen gun earlier in the week. The man is a piano teacher named John Walcott (Steven Brand). While they question him, Walcott visibly tenses up as his cell phone rings. When he doesn’t answer it, Grover reaches for the phone. Flipping open the call, McGarrett is on the other line. He stands above the woman’s dead body… this doesn’t look good. However, as they draw their guns on Walcott, cars screech to a halt outside the house.

A gun battle breaks out. However, Tani continues to have no trouble dispatching the bad guys. As a classical score plays in the background, Lou and Tani easily take control of the situation. However, in the chaos, their piano teacher turned vigilante  goes missing.

Later, McGarrett and Danny cruise up as the police sweep the crime scene. As they discover a room filled with guns, McGarrett can’t help but wonder, “What turns a suburban piano teacher into dirty Harry?”.

Photo Credit: Hawaii Five-0/CBS Image Acquired from CBS Press Express

The team return to the station. It turns out Walcott watched his young son die in a hit and run years earlier. Furthermore, the Okada crime family is loosely tied to the death of the young boy. It seems the piano teacher is on a quest for vengeance…

The action of the episode builds to a head as Walcott makes his way to the Okada building. However, the man seems to remain a step ahead of the experienced henchmen. Walcott makes his way through the building, systematically picking off nameless criminals as he goes.

He receives little resistance until he approaches Derek Okada, who’s already been wounded twice. It is at this moment that Five-0 moves in. Walcott talks, not bothering to drop the gun pressed to Okada’s head. Walcott recounts how the crime family attempted to buy the still grieving father’s silence minutes after the death of his son. He doesn’t blink as he pulls the trigger, killing the target of his quest. Okada crumbles to the ground, dead.

Later, McGarrett and Danny volunteer Steve’s house so Langford can make peace with his girlfriend. It seems Langford told the woman a small lie when he left to fight crime… he was only supposed to be going out for sun-cream.

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While the couple sits awkwardly in the dining room, McGarrett and Danny bicker in the kitchen. It seems there’s been a small problem with the appetizers…

As the episode comes to a close, Langford takes his girlfriend to Kamekona’s (Taylor Wily) beach side restaurant. At least that food is divine.

Hawaii Five-0 airs Friday nights on CBS.