Bob’s Burgers: The Silence of the Louise is a creepy delight


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After a week break, Bob’s Burgers is back with crime, unlikely friendships and elaborate business deals for Louise and Teddy.

Bob’s Burgers may have missed last week, but this week’s episode made up for it. Following plots involving Louise and Teddy, The Silence of the Louise is a tribute to Silence of the Lambs but is relatively happy and ends happily.

The clear focus of the episode was Louise and it’s a treat to see her development through the episode. The side plot with Teddy is still funny, though. If you haven’t watched The Silence of the Louise, there will be spoilers from this week’s Bob’s Burgers

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The episode only features two plots: the primary being Louise trying to figure out who is killing Mr. Frond’s therapy dolls and the secondary features Teddy starting a new business. Most of the episode is dedicated to Louise trying to solve the case with a little help and it’s spooky yet hilarious.

The episode begins with Louise reading Old Yeller for a school read-a-thon to a waterpark. She reads the 500th book so they can go until Mr. Frond bursts in. He tells the kids someone attacked his therapy dolls, trying to blame Louise. He also tells the kids they can’t go to the waterpark until the “killer” is caught.

Louise decides to find out who the killer is and they question Millie to see if she can help. The visit goes well until Louise has to agree on having a play date with Millie. They work together in between Millie forcing Louise to “have fun.” They start having play dates to come up with who the killer could be.

Millie hints about the yarn and the kids go to Reflections but get no answers. Louise calls Millie after Zeke confesses but another doll is attacked. Louise goes to talk to Millie, but she turns her away. Louise jumps on Millie’s trampoline to get Millie to talk and even admits she enjoyed spending time with her.

Millie lets Louise in and helps her figure out Frond is the one who killed the dolls. He runs off and the kids confront him in the teacher lounge. Frond, Mr. Ambrose and Ms. Blanca admit it was all part of their plan and they already spent the money on a coffee machine and pods.

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She threatens to tell the principal, but the trio agrees to take them to the waterpark. The students get to the water park and the episode ends with Louise and Millie, hanging out at the pool.

As for Teddy’s plot, he comes into the restaurant with the stationery store owner, Janine. She explains the two are business partners. They’re creating inspirational posters which they sell to Bob and Linda. Linda goes to Janine’s store and the two admit the posters aren’t selling.

After the posters don’t sell, their business relationship falls apart. The same day, the restaurant is slammed and the only way Bob can go on is by looking at Teddy’s poster. Bob gets inspired and it inspires Teddy and Janine to restart their business.

Louise is truly the heart of the episode and she plays the role perfectly. She truly wants to hate Millie, but she can’t. She starts to realize even though Millie is annoying, she can be a good friend. It looks like the start of a beautiful friendship, but a big step for Louise’s character.

Louise is slowly but surely maturing and it’s a huge landmark. She’s starting to change her cynical ways and realize she doesn’t always have to be so hard. She can let her walls down every once in a while, and the results won’t be disastrous.

I love the direction the show is going with Louise. We’re watching her grow up and mature even though the kids aren’t getting any older. I can’t wait to see where they go next and if her friendship with Millie sticks.

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The Silence of the Louise is creepy, hilarious and a classic Bob’s Burgers episode. After a solid start, the show is keeping its momentum. I can’t wait to see what Loren Bouchard and the crew pull out for their Halloween episode, though.

I give The Silence of the Louise a B.

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox at 7:30/6:30c.