Review: Hasbro captures the magic of Frozen in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure toy line


FROZEN -Disney’s Academy Award(r)-winning “Frozen,” the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, will premiere across the networks of the Disney/ABC Television Group: Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, ABC and ABC Family, beginning in February 2016. (Photo courtesy Disney) Acquired from Disney’s ABC Press Room


Join Hidden Remote in taking a look at some of the wonderful offerings from Hasbro’s new Olaf’s Frozen Adventure toy line which celebrates the short film’s magical characters.

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This November, Frozen fever begins again as the beloved characters from Disney’s breakout franchise return with a new animated 21-minute animated short set to make its way to theaters for a limited run ahead of Disney & Pixar’s latest offering, Coco. In the film, Olaf sets off on a magical adventure through Arendelle in hopes of learning about the kingdom’s greatest Christmas traditions in hopes of giving Anna and Elsa their most memorable Christmas in years after they discover the lack of their own holiday traditions.

As Olaf, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff return to the big screen, Frozen fans will soon be able to enjoy endless hours of fun with Olaf, Elsa and the rest of the gang at home via the launch a new line of Hasbro toys featuring all of fans’ favorite characters.

It’s a line full of must-have goodies for all Frozen fans and thanks to our partners at Hasbro, we’ve received a sneak peek at the new line as well as a look one of the other incredible Frozen doll inspired by the first film in the franchise which fans can pick up this holiday season!

Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Festive Friends Collection Set

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

"About the Product: Imagine celebrating the season together with Disney Frozen‘s Festive Friends Collection set. Each character’s outfit is inspired by the Disney animated short film event, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure."

Perhaps the highlight of Hasbro’s new line of Frozen toys is the 4-doll set which includes each of the film’s characters featured in their costumes from the film – which is sure to make it a must-have for fans.

Hasbro manages to perfectly capture the likeness and spirit of each character with fun new outfits inspired by the special. The Olaf figure is perfectly proportioned to the rest of the characters and his little green bow tie is just subtle enough to make him feel unique to this particular set. Looking at the three dolls in the set…

Anna: Looking at the Anna doll, Hasbro perfect managed to capture Anna’s outgoing and upbeat personality with the subtle smirk. Fans are sure to appreciate the hairstyle shakeup which gives the doll a look which is unique to the Anna dolls we’ve seen from past lines. Looking at Anna’s dress, the Hasbro team managed to beautifully capture Anna’s look from the film with an outfit which stays true to her style.

Elsa: No Elsa doll would be complete without an elegant dress complete with a detailed cape which the Hasbro team managed to beautifully translate into the doll’s attire. Of the dolls in the set, the Elsa doll by far possess the most intricate details.

Kristoff: Frozen fans are sure to appreciate the Kristoff doll which brings about a more regal look for the lovable goofball. It’s a change that helps make the Kristoff doll more exclusive to this particular set and one which will make playtime that much more fun for young fans.

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Disney Frozen Play-A-Melody Doll

Photo Credit: Hidden Remote

"About the Product: Your little musician can perform “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen and songs of her own creation with Elsa and her musical gown! Elsa’s beautiful dress has been reimagined to function like a keyboard, with light-up snowflake keys offering girls 3 ways to play music! In the first guided mode, girls can follow along with the snowflakes that light up to play Elsa’s anthem, “Let It Go.” In the second music mode, they can follow along with the snowflakes to play the “Let It Go” melody up to tempo with background music. The last free play mode encourages girls to compose their own songs! They can press the keys one by one or glide their fingers along the keys to create vibrant tunes!"

This has to be the most creative Frozen doll I’ve ever seen! We’ve all seen musical dolls before which sing bits of iconic songs or speak lines from the film with the push of a button, but never before have I seen a doll which incorporates music and light-up effects into a doll such as the way Hasbro has done with the Musical Elsa Doll!

The lights on Elsa’s dress are so bright and vivid – with the below photos not doing justice to the doll’s effects  – and it’s simply magical how the dress lights up while playing several tunes from the franchise. However, what makes the doll so unique and a must-have this holiday season is the way in which it allows kids to follow the snowflakes to play along to several tunes while also making up their own tunes. It’s a toy that beautifully promotes creativity and the use of imagination – which is something all parents can appreciate.

Olaf Frozen Adventure debuts in theaters for a limited time ahead of Coco Wednesday, Nov. 2. Meanwhile, the new Hasbro Frozen toy line is available in stores now.