5 most hated Supernatural Season 1 characters


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Not all characters are made to like. Here’s a look at the most hated Supernatural characters from the very first season.

Ever got that feeling in Supernatural Season 1 that you just want a character to disappear? You hate every moment they’re on the screen and can’t wait for the episode to be over. Thankfully with Season 1, it was likely that most characters would never appear again, so you just had to put up with them for 40 minutes or so.

Not all hated characters are bad guys. They can be brought in to further the story and were supposed to be interesting, but their attitude or some of the writing had the opposite effect. Of course, some of the characters were designed to hate. What made them so bad was often the way they twisted reality or the focus on family.

Season 1 didn’t have a major issue with supposedly likable characters, but there are some. Here are the five characters I certainly hated the most.

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#5. John Winchester

Yes really, John Winchester is on my hate list. As much as I wanted to like Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character, there was a major problem: he made his sons think that he was in danger. Even when Dean and Sam figured out that he just didn’t want to be found, he never really checked in to let them know he was safe.

At no point did he call Sam to send his condolences for Jess. He never once thought Dean might get scared at the idea of him not calling after weeks on a hunt. Sure, he wanted to protect them, but he caused them pain and anguish almost every single episode.

And then when it came to Dean calling John for help, John just ignored him. John was even in the same town, but refused to speak to his sons. The first half of the season was hell for the Winchester brothers and John did nothing to make that easier.

The second half of the season wasn’t even that much better. When John and the Winchester brothers finally teamed up, John couldn’t help but put Dean down for the smallest of things. After weeks of confidence, we got a child-like Dean that made me hate John even more.

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#4. The people of Burkittsville, Indiana

There’s no way of separating these people. They all have some part to play for the deaths of innocent people and the almost-death of Dean Winchester.

They appear in the episode “Scarecrow,” which is certainly one of the creepiest episodes of the season. Taking a step away from Native American lore, the episode focuses on Norse God lore and it’s a step into how not all evil is either monster or creature. Sometimes the evil is human.

The only reason they make human sacrifices to their Norse God is for good harvests. They are so focused on good harvests that they are willing to kill their own family members. It’s a twisted reality that shows family certainly doesn’t end with blood (or start with it); something we know now but had never considered at this point of the series.

The people of Burkittsville, Indiana had no interest in creating a good town. There were no loyalties, except to those they’d grown up with and knew the secret of the sacrifices. They were evil to the core and there was no sympathy when their God turned on them.

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#3. Dean’s ex, Cassie

On first viewing, Cassie can seem like a sweet girl who just wants to protect the people she loves. But then you look at the deeper relationship between Dean and Cassie.

Something all women want is honesty from their partners. Dean was willing to give that, and Cassie dumped him because she thought he was lying. Sure, hunting supernatural beings is hard to understand and believe at first, but she never once gave him the benefit of the doubt and listened to him. It was only when she finally thought something supernatural may be happening in her town that she chose to believe him.

Then she called him up and almost expected him to help solve the situation right away. Dean dropped everything for her, making it clear that he still have feelings for her. Even Sam noticed the two would never look at each other.

In the end, it looks like Cassie is going to forgive Dean and then the storyline is dropped. It could have been poor writing, but chances are Cassie decided she didn’t want to give her ex the time of day after all.

#2. The Benders

Hibbing, Minnesota is not the place to go for a vacation. Sam and Dean Winchester prove that when Sam is taken by the Bender family. Once again, we get the view that not all evil will come from monsters or creatures. Humans can be sadistic creatures, but what do you do when they’re human? Can you really kill them?

Supernatural introduced an almost Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel to the show with the Benders. The young girl can lure people in, while the brothers are strong enough to kidnap their victims. They hunt people for fun and then feast on their meat.

To make matters worse, the Bender family was based on real-life people. In 1870, a family known as the “Bloody” Benders lived in Kansas and killed more than a dozen people. The only reason they were exposed was because a man went looking for his missing brother. Funnily enough, the episode had a sheriff looking for her missing brother, only to learn the Benders had killed him.

The episode also twisted the idea of family bonds are the strongest.

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#1. Ed and Harry

Ed and Harry are those sort of hit and miss characters. They are uber annoying, but loveable at the same time. But it wasn’t until Season 3’s “Ghostfacers” that I actually liked them. In Supernatural Season 1 I just wanted them off the screen.

They had no interest in people around them. All they wanted was their own fame and fortune. Everything they did was wrong and they weren’t willing to listen to those who knew better. In fact, they viewed the Winchesters are lesser beings than them when it came to paranormal investigation.

When the Winchesters actually did need their help, they rubbed it in their faces. This personality would continue throughout the show. Their saving grace was the way they actually eventually worked with the Winchesters in Season 3. That didn’t quite happen in Season 1. They only did as asked because they thought they could increase the views to their website.

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Do you agree with this list? Which Supernatural Season 1 characters did you hate the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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