13 most hated characters on Supernatural so far


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There have been plenty of disliked characters over the last 12 seasons. Which ones are the most hated on Supernatural so far?

Supernatural isn’t a stranger to including hated characters. There are some that we’re just not supposed to love, rooting for the Winchesters to kill them off by the end of the season; sometimes by the end of the episode.

These hated characters aren’t even always the bad guys. They’re brought in initially as what seem like the good guys, only to have less than favorable agendas or an irrational hatred for the Winchester brothers. Just think about all the angels that have come and gone over the years.

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As Supernatural Season 13 is just two weeks away and it looks like we’re already going to get a few characters that we’re just not going to like, it’s the perfect time to run down the most hated characters. These are characters from the last 12 seasons, so expect to see old and new appear.

This list isn’t just based on my own opinion. I’ve talked to a lot of other Supernatural fans to learn about the characters they hate the most. The list is put together based on a compilation of all the answers.

But we’re not all alike, right? Don’t forget to share your most hated characters from Supernatural over the last few years.

#13. Gary the body switching teen

You may not initially remember Gary Frankle. He was only in one episode, after all. But when you watch the episode, you’ll remember the hatred for him.

Gary was the teen that decided to switch bodies with Sam Winchester. Sure there was humor in the episode, but Gary was one of the whiniest, entitled brats ever to appear on the show.

Okay, so the body switching wasn’t just to see what it was like to be an adult—and a hot adult at that. This was his chance to get some money. Demons had a bounty on Dean’s head and he wanted it. The best way to do that was through Sam, literally.

What he never realized was how stupidly dangerous that was; not just for him but for the whole world. Dean wasn’t the only Winchester that demons hated. By being in Sam’s body, he was a target for demons. He had no skills at all to fight them off and it could have had some seriously disastrous consequences.

#12. Gordon the hunter

When Sterling K. Brown first came into Supernatural, there was some hope that we’d have a new hunter to root for. Well, there was from me. I’d seen him in Army Wives before watching him on Supernatural, so instantly had love for him.

And then he turned out to be a major thorn in the Winchesters’ side. This was a man who only saw the Supernatural world in black and white. He didn’t care if someone did something good, if they showed signs that they could be a monster or a creature.

Granted, this was a similar personality that Dean and John had. However, they soon learned to see past the label and look at the soul. If that soul harmed humans, then they were dead meat. But John and Dean could eventually let monsters, creatures, and supernatural beings live, without them being related to them!

Gordon wasn’t just a problem for one episode. He turned up a few times, putting the Winchesters in danger. Eventually he was killed by Sam’s hands and we couldn’t help but cheer!

#11. Samuel Campbell the maternal hunter grandfather

The Winchesters soon learned that they were legacies on both sides of their family. First, they learned about the hunting side of their family: Mary Campbell and her parents.

Unfortunately Sam’s namesake was a good hunter but not a great guy. He was untrusting and unmoving, a lot like Gordon Walker. The problem for Samuel was that he was even willing to put his own family at risk when necessary, especially his grandsons.

This wasn’t a mentor for the brothers. He was ruthless and a sign of why Mary would likely have wanted her kids out of the hunting lifestyle for good. She wouldn’t want them to grow up with similar thoughts and opinions. We soon realized that John Winchester may not have been the worst father in the world when up against Samuel!

#10. Uriel the evil angel

There are a lot of angels that make this list of most hated characters on Supernatural. Uriel is the first.

This was the angel that gave us a reason to distrust and hate all other angels. While Castiel had his funny moments in his stiffness, Uriel just looked constipated the whole time. Seriously, if you gave him a laxative, he might have been nicer!

Well, that is if he didn’t free Alistair and put Dean’s life at serious risk that one time. And if he didn’t just want the apocalypse to happen and destroy the world. And if he didn’t beat Castiel to a pulp for wanting to follow God’s orders.

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Actually, was there any chance this angel could have been nicer? He seemed to know more about the world than Castiel and that almost made him hate it more. If we didn’t know any better, this could have been Lucifer in disguise!

We certainly weren’t too bothered when he got an angel blade through the heart.

#9. The devious demon Ruby

I’m going to put both versions of Ruby in this list. After all, the demon was the same.

However, I will state that I preferred Katie Cassidy’s version of the role, but just didn’t like the character overall.

This was a demon who had one goal from the start of her appearance on Supernatural. All she wanted was to open the Gates of Hell to get Lucifer out of his cage. Rather than work how all other demons did, she infiltrated the Winchesters and got into Sam’s heart. It was a long con and she was good at it, but that made us hate her even more.

She gave us some hope that Dean could be saved and then quickly took that away. Then she gave us hope that Sam could control his psychic powers and become a formidable force against demons, but that quickly turned out to be a lie.

When we realized at the end that Ruby really was a demon pretending to be good, we wanted to see the Winchesters take her down. With her own knife, Sam was able to kill her but it was too late to stop what she had convinced him to do.

#8. Bela the thieving British deal-maker

Supernatural Season 3 introduced us to two female series regulars. The first was Ruby, and the second was one of the most hated characters ever to appear on Supernatural. Bela Talbot was just one of the first in a long list of hated British characters. The casting directors and producers may need to be a little more creative with their characters to dislike.

Bela wasn’t just British, which seems to be the instant sign that she’s a character to hate. She was a thieve (well, a procurer of strange and mystical items) and a damn good one at that. This was a woman who was even able to steal from Sam and Dean without any hassle at all. Unfortunately for her, her skills made her known in the hunting world.

Over the course of the season, we saw a glimmer that she could become a friend to the Winchesters only for that glimmer to be snatched away. There was always something for her to gain from everything she did, usually involving money. It was hard to feel sorry for her when we found out that she had once made a deal with a Crossroads Demon and was on her way to hell.

As Dean said, all she had to do was honestly ask them for help. They would have given her it, especially since they were already looking for a way to get Dean out of his deal. Instead, she tried to backstab them and the SPN Family doesn’t like that happening!

#7. Dick Roman the Leviathan mastermind

Dick Roman was probably the best thing that came out of the disastrous Season 7. Sure, he was the one that put the bullet in Bobby’s brain and killed him, but he was also one of the smartest, conniving, charismatic big bads of the show.

The Leviathan storylines could have been a lot more interesting than it was. But they were smart creatures. Dick took control and became the head of a company. From there, he would be able to rule the world through various undertakings and activities. It was the Winchesters’ worst nightmare, really.

So, why isn’t the best evil in the top spot of most hated characters? Well, he had some redeemable qualities. He cared about his own kind.

Plus, we did get a lot of Dick jokes throughout the season run. Now if only he didn’t kill Bobby Singer! That I can never forgive him for, so he remains close to the top.

#6. Future Dean without his brother by his side

When Dean was sent to the future, he came across himself. Nobody liked what they saw.

Future Dean was a man of no principals or care. He willingly sacrificed people for his own goals and was even willing to sacrifice the world. All he wanted was his brother back. This wasn’t the man we’d come to know and love throughout the course of the series.

What we really saw was a Dean without Sam. We’d known for a long time that the Winchesters were only the way they were because of each other. They couldn’t be the same people deep down if the other wasn’t by their side.

Rather than make Dean say yes to Michael, Future Dean just helped our Dean become the man that he is. Dean fought to save Sam as much as he could and was willing to let Sam make the ultimate sacrifice. Because of this, we can’t really say we completely hate Future Dean.

#5. Zachariah the angel who wanted the apocalypse

Do you really need an explanation as to why Zachariah is on this list?

Probably not, but I’ll give you one anyway. This was the angel who had one goal in existence: to see the apocalypse happen. He didn’t care about who won and who lost or what happened to the world afterwards. He just needed to see the Book of Revelations come to pass.

And he was going to do everything he could to make sure it would happen. The Winchesters had to hide themselves from him to make sure they couldn’t be harmed as he tried to force Dean to say yes to Michael. They had to make sacrifices to ensure that the world remained protected. Zach put the brothers in alternate worlds, sent them to the future, and removed organs from Dean’s brothers to make him agree to the archangel.

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There was nothing redeemable about this character. It’s a shame God hasn’t apologized for one of his son’s behavior. Actually, if he did that for Zach then he’d have to do it for a lot of other angels. Namely…

#4. Raphael the Ninja Angel

Okay, he’s not a ninja, but every time I think of his name I think of the Ninja Turtles. I’m an 80s baby, so who can blame me?

Raphael was another angel with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Initially, it looked like he could be helpful, but then he turned out to be one of the worst enemies for the Winchesters and any angel who sided with Castiel. This was an angel who wasn’t afraid to smite down his own brothers and sisters because he wanted to be the new God.

Maybe it didn’t help matters that Raphael seemed to have no personality at all. We’d heard the monotone voice from Castiel, but he slowly learned the way of humans and took the world into his heart. Uriel was stiff, but his words didn’t seem to drag on for years.

Raphael just looked and sounded bored. How the hell did he become the leader of one of the factions in Heaven? How did anyone follow him?

#3. Naomi the dictator and destructor

Anybody that tries to break the bond between Castiel and Dean is not going to be liked on Supernatural. It’s not that surprising that the angel Naomi makes the list. But what puts her so close to the top?

Well, unlike previous angels, there were no Biblical reasons for her actions. All the others had a purpose and a reason that could be linked to God’s words. They wanted the apocalypse to happen or wanted to bring some sort of order back into Heaven.

Other angels were also soldiers. The majority of them were following God’s past orders or the orders from those higher in the chain of command. Raphael tried to become that chain of command for the sake of order and not just because he felt like it. Naomi wasn’t a soldier. She was judge, jury, and executioner in one.

Naomi was just a pain with dark intensions. She wasn’t afraid to use mind control to make Castiel do as she wanted. She could stop time to in the real world to convince Castiel to do something within a split second and this almost led to Dean losing his best friend and his life.

#2. Metatron the scribe

God’s scribe, Metatron (not to be confused with Megatron) was introduced to us in Supernatural Season 8. While initially he looked like he could help, there were signs that he was going to turn into one of the worst characters ever to come to the show.

It didn’t take long for his true colors to shine through. He managed to work his way into Castiel’s heart with the promise of ending all evil on Earth. The downside was it meant closing the Gates of Heaven and he never really shared what that really meant. This was an angel who intended to become God.

And become God he did. By Season 9 he was the big bad of the season. He was the one to hope that the Winchesters could stop. Of course, this led to Dean being stabbed in the heart with an angel blade, causing him to become a demon.

There was eventually some joy in Metatron’s character story. He turned into a human and found himself lost in a world where he didn’t belong. He was given the chance to redeem himself, but it was too little too late for the fans. His death meant very little to anyone, but it does stop him being at the top of the list of hated Supernatural characters.

#1. Doctor Hess with the Men of Letters

I wish I could put all the Men of Letters in the top spot, but this is about characters and ranking them individually.

The worst character of the whole Men of Letters was Dr. Hess. Others had some redeemable qualities. Mick realized that the Men of Letters’ way may have not have been the worst, while Mr. Ketch was charming and could have been a friend if he wasn’t brainwashed by the organization. Lady Toni just wasn’t there enough to completely hate and she did help the Winchesters in the end.

So, it falls to Dr. Hess. She was evil to the core. She forced young boys to murder their friends for the sake of the Men of Letters. This was a woman who would force everyone else to do her dirty work and then hide in a room begging for an extraction when she realized she was losing. There was no care or love in his life for anyone.

In the end, Jody took care of her with a bullet between the eyes. We definitely won’t miss her.

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Do you agree with this list? Who’s your most hated character on Supernatural so far? Share in the comments below.

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