Hunter McIntyre talks CMT’s Broken Skull Challenge, Steve Austin, season 5 and more


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In this exclusive interview, ‘Broken Skull Challenge’ star Hunter McIntyre discusses his journey to the show, working with Steve Austin, what he has in store for Season 5, and much more.

Prior to joining Season 3 of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, Hunter McIntyre was already a world-renowned athlete and one of the best obstacle racers in the world. Since taking his skills to the show, he has been undefeated, winning back-to-back seasons and now he has his sights set on making his third time the charm in Season 5.

As Season 5 of Broken Skull Challenge gets underway, get to know him like never before in this exclusive interview where he discusses what led him to trying out for the show, his experience working with WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, how he plans to remain dominant this season, and much more.

What motivated you to try out for the Broken Skull Challenge and why did you think you’d be a good fit for it?

Hunter McIntyre: I was told about Broken Skull and I originally wasn’t interested because I thought it was all TV magic and drama. I eventually came around to apply, and when it came to my first challenge, I realized how very real this show was. It’s been three seasons of back-breaking challenges!

What challenges have posed the biggest obstacle to you so far, both physically and emotionally?

McIntyre: The pit is the most challenging in a physical, emotion and mental capacity. There’s a ton of fear and anger that you need to overcome to win the pit.

What was your experience like working with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin? 

McIntyre: Steve is a hero and idol to many, including me. He’s incredibly powerful in his presence, but at the same time he’s very polite and genuine when you talk with him.

Is the Skull Buster every bit as taxing as it has been made out to be by past competitors, or is the fear of attempting to conquer it greater than the Skull Buster itself?

McIntyre: The course is a monster, and it’s so short that everyone has the opportunity to go out at suicidal pace. Many guys crumble and never reach the finish line. It’s incredible to watch on TV; however, in real life, this is no joke.

How has the show evolved from when you joined in Season 3?

McIntyre: The challenges are exceptionally harder, competitors are much fiercer and the prizes keep getting bigger.

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After achieving so much in previous seasons, what are you looking to prove in Season 5?

McIntyre: I have been undefeated for two seasons, so tons of people talk smack and believe they can beat me. My goal is to crush every competitor while putting fear in the hearts of everyone who thinks they could be part of this show. I love competing, but nothing makes me happier than wearing a crown and having the right to talk smack to all the people I’ve laid down over the years.

Season 5 of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CMT.